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Catch up from April & May ...Oh & A Big Shore Caught Blonde Ray :)

Catch up from April & May 

Keep getting behind with my blog posts but hopefully this will sum up what i have been up to. Starting off this blog post with my good mate Sam Chapon, & his First ever Lure caught Wrasse & First of the year of which i witnessed. (I actually casting the lure out for him ;) ) He reeled in and boom! Caught on a Bass Assassin Soft Plastic 12Gram Jig head! P.S (Sorry about the Nose & Glasses & Eyebrows i cant find the original now haha)

Here is a nice Thick Lipped Mullet which i had at night float fishing bread. 
I think i need a new net! :)

My Birthday is April 25th its tradition that on my Birthday i wake up early and go fishing, so i set my alarm for 5am and drove to mark & met my mate Nigel for a spot of Lure Bass Fishing. With work starting at 8am i didn't have much time to get one!

I tried and tried to get one but i failed and had to leave fishing for 7.20am to get to work on time. Nigel Stayed on and had one straight after i left on a Press Bait! 

 I was trying for an early Bream and this nice Pollock took my squid strips!

 So beginning of April i went out with Tony Heart aboard Anna 2 fishing for Turbot and Rays, a few fish was caught 7 Rays in total landed on the boat myself with one of 13lb. So it gave me a good idea that there was Rays around and biting. So the next day my plan was to get some from the shore! Finished work at 4.30 drove down to the harbor to pick up some Fresh Mackerel & off i went. Started off catching dogfish over 10 was caught, started to get annoyed with them i changed location. I put the rods out both on Pully Rigs with Sand-eel & Fresh Mackerel bait elasticated together and casting out as far possible! On my first cast i managed the first Ray of the evening:
Small Eyed Ray weighing 5lb 8oz
So i am already a happy boy & baited up the same rod Casted out to same place. Within 10 mins my rod gets slack lined, so i reel up all the slack and felt something pulling away! STRIKE FISH ON! F*ck me its a Conger i first thought with the weight of it, i then managed to get it off the bottom for 1 minute and then had a feeling it was a Ray it dived back down to the bottom and felt as if it buried its self in the sand. Literally couldn't get it of the bottom after constant pressure but not too much it started moving. There was a strong tide and the Ray used this to its full advantage. When it was getting closer to me it really got aggressive with hard thumps and dives (again though this better not be a Conger!) It came to surface ...oh Bloody hell its a big Blonde Ray & i am on my own to land it ...great :/ ...anyway after 5 mins of hard work i landed it! YESSSS WHOHOO shouting to myself. Hit the scales at bang on 30lbs big pregnant female smashed my current shore caught by 17lb! So after a few photos i put it back in the sea for it to grow even bigger :) 
Mission Undulate

So now that i have had my Small Eyed & Blonde Ray i needed to get myself an Undulate Ray after around 5 session's of Dogfish and Pouting i finally got one weighing 10lb 7oz this fish took a whole Squid on a Pully Rig using a 5/0 Sakuma Manta Extra & a 2/0 Sakuma Manta Pennel Hook.

My self  Ross Johnson, Alex Plaster & Callum Robertson went out fishing a rock mark with the lures not many fish were caught but we did have a couple of Wrasse, Mackerel, Garfish all on lures after this session myself and Ross had a quick tinkle for a Thick Lipped Mullet me loosing one on surface, but Ross landed one in the short time we was fishing (LRF too) 

Scott Bachelor with a nice Pollock taken whilst targeting Rays

It was a Bank Holiday in May i always love these Bank holidays every year as the water has warmed up nicely and normally the weather is good too! This day was perfect to go out fishing i went out with Alex Plaster, i had a few Wrasse up to 3lb 3oz

Plenty of Garfish was caught including my smallest Garfish i have ever caught

And my first shore caught Black Bream of the year

Just a few a took home for my Bait Freezer!

First Lure caught Bass of the year! Double hook up with friend Ben Bates. Little story - last 3 years running myself and Ben's first "Lure Bass" of the year have been double hook ups 3 years running. I find this mad as what are the chances! Lets hope that in 2014 this happens again! My Bass weighed 4lb 11oz & Ben Bates went 5lb 3oz on the scales both caught on White 42Gram Savage Gears!

So thats it for now i have got to add a few more pictures to this post when i get them off my mates camera's but that sum's it up pretty much! :) Off to Florida tommorow so will try and get one Fishy out there but mainly going for the Theme Parks and chilling! So thanks for reading. 

Got into my first fishing magazine too on an advert for Sakuma check out Total Sea Fishing Magazine to see!

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