Monday, May 28, 2012

May 2012 the Report!!

So i see that i have not posted anything up since the 2nd of May well alot has happened since then! Too much has happened.... Probably going to miss out somethings but i will try and do it in date order :)

Bank holiday weekend was a really busy one for me, i had my first Bass of the year weighing bang on 4lbs on the Savage Gear!

Ben Bates also had a bass on this trip! ( his didn't half put up a scrap and took him around the rocks! )
Here is the picture of the both fish :)

Close up Shot of Ben's Bass!

So this started off the first of the Bank Holiday weekend! the following day i was determined for more! So had a phone call from a mate John Wallace in the afternoon and we decided to find another Bass!
We fished two spots, the first spot produced some pretty decent Pollock!

Here is John first Wrasse on the SP also!

Didn't take pictures of all of them! but we had a few all around 2 and half pounds 

We moved on from this spot after 1 hour and i knew there was bass at the next one!
what do you know within 10mins i was into one!

This day came to end after another hour with nothing else but Pollock.

So think it was either the following day of the day after i am all confused was all so long ago now! lol
fished down on a spot only accessible on spring water low tides! and was a fun session!
Ended up with quiet a few Wrasse here are some Pictures!

Mackerel on the Hard Plastics!


More Pollock!

The two best fish of the day was shared between a Lure Caught Wrasse & a Bait Caught

Here is Lure Caught! (looks bigger than it is)

                                                                         Bait Caught Wrasse

All these Wrasse are getting a bit boring aren't they!
Well there is only a few more to deal with!

Okay so now i will just cut all the crap and get to this weekend 

Me & Alex fished Saturday Afternoon & Night 26/5 it started of quiet until Alex landed a bream of 1lb 15oz!
1 hour went by still no more Bream. I had couple of Small Wrasse on the Crabs and SPs then i saw my Bream rod bending over! Got my biggest Bream of the year so far going bang on 2lb! ended up with a couple of them :)

(Speaking of bream i am going to have to mention my mate Adrian's he had earlier on in May i got a text from him saying i have BIG Bream and no scales! so i went out after work to check it out! What a bream was weighing 3lb 12oz! 

He did have a couple actually!

Carrying on with our night fishing! Alex with a Conger weighing 13lb 4oz 

Thunderstorms soon came down and the heavens opened after Alex being very unlucky missing a few good Conger takes after this one and Myself missing Takes too we called it a night/morning!

Despite being very tired after getting home at 4am! i got myself out of bed by 11am i had a new spot in mind i have wanted to try for a while!

Had some crabs left over  and took the lure rod down! looked so Wrassey down there. I knew it was going to be a good day (had that funny feeling) 2nd cast of my crab Boom this Wrasse came to my crab!

Started using the SP's for a bit was hard focusing on two rods as soo much action! Started getting a few Wrasse 1-3lb! Then right in close in a deep Gully Bang real Screamed ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz fuck me straight away i knew was a beast! after a very good fight (my best ever fight i have had with a Wrasse on a lure rod) it was in the net. Smile appeared on my face very soon after that went in the net! Weighing 5lb 4oz and measuring 53cm my biggest Wrasse of the year so it is! 

Ruler Shot!

One more photo wont hurt lol! 

I Stopped taking pictures after this as none was bigger but had so many fish around 30 in total! :) It Took a Bass Assassin btw fished on 12 Gram Jig Head ;) 

After this met up with my Girlfriend who has done a fair bit of fishing with me over the last week catching Pollock and her first Lure Caught Wrasse! here it is:

So thats all for now! Still missed out so many photos, tried doing this as quick as possible still took me a while. Will try and keep everyone updated as i go along from now on! :) Byee


  1. great read fella!!!! some awesome sessions u had there and a cracking wrasse on the plastics mate-nice one!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your reports Daniel, always find them interesting, keep em coming !!

  3. thanks for your report , the fish picture are so nice, some really cute, but some are...
    anyway, thank you mate