Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Worst Fishing Months are out of the way!

Good Day All! Sorry i have been slacking with the Blog posts, but i have not been out Fishing much!

(Alex Plaster trying to get a Bass on the light gear!)
Now that things are warming up (a little) it just gets me all exited and i thought id just keep you up to date of what i have had since my last blog post!

Saturday 2nd March Aboard Anna 2 Charter Boat

I was looking forward to this trip for some while, after having a few cancellations on previous weekends due to bad weather i had to make the most of it! It was pretty cold out there as well as being pretty choppy!

A Nice Turbot :)
Pollock of around 8lbs Took my 42 Gram Savage Gear

Jay Jarvie managed a nice one!

Here is Ben Moody with a well deserved 10lb+ Pollock, he tried very hard throughout the day and ended up landing the Biggest Fish!

Gareth with a lump of a Pollock caught on a Red Gill Lure! 

                                              All in all it was a fun day out, with a fair few Pollock :) ! 

Well the following weekend Tony Heart asked me to Crew for him! Much nicer day than the previous trip out with him, the plan was to try and catch an early season Bream, and also put a couple of Big Baits out for a chance of a Conger Eel or a Bullhuss 
First spot produced Bullhuss of around 5/6lb . Poor Cod, Dogfish not a great start but still a couple of fish

Myself with a Turbot which took a live Sand-eel fished on a flowing 12 ft Trace using a 8oz Watch weight and a boom to spread things out :) 

Sam Daniels with the Best Whiting of the day weighing bang on 4lb

Time was almost up we only had time for 1 Last drop down & what do you know a Turbot :D

I have tried Shore fishing a couple of times, but its really hard going out there at the moment! Here is me attempting to catch a fish in a spot which was sheltered from the wind (Rozel Bay) 

And Typically the only thing that was Caught was Dogfish!

I have put 2 sessions in on St Catherine Breakwater with little luck also :( Just Rockling, Pouting & Lots of Dogfish) The amount of times a have prayed for my rods to get a decent bite is now in the Hundreds lol!!

I am very keen to try and get some decent fish landed soon! So make sure you keep an eye out on my blog. To keep up to date with us like this page on FB - Fishing Fanatix
Maybe next time we will see some more fish :)


  1. As always Dan, i really enjoy following all your catches. They make mine look a tad pathetic, well done.You inspire me to try harder ! LOL
    Mike D

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