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I Freken Love Summer ;) June/July Blog Post

I Freken Love Summer ;) June/July Blog Post

Well to kick this blog post off, i will start with this Bass which took a White 42 Gram Savage Gear Sand-Eel. My first proper Bass caught using my new Shimano Stradic Rod! Handled it brilliantly as you can see from the background, i fish fairly high up from the water. I cast into any Gully i see white water made from the swell! This is a perfect feeding ground for Bass waiting for any small fish to get caught up in the swell, helps alot when there is a few heads under water, also the Bass tend to be sitting just behind the heads waiting for bait fish to swim over them :) This bass weighed 3lb 6oz
Also had a small wrasse :)

Spot of Boat Lure Bashing with Johnny Manners

Johnny was kind to invite me out on his boat for a days lure fishing! It was very hard work with not many Bass around feeding! I managed to kick things of with a lovely Green Wrasse over 4lb. We had quite a few Wrasse and a few more chunky ones. 

As for the Bass those buggers where very hard to find. Johnny managed to find this one though and i managed to hook him :) Was testing the Take Fluro Carbon Line in 20lb its quite thin for 20lb but seemed to do the Job just fine :) even caught Mullet using it for hook length.

This is the one i have been waiting for!!!!

Got a secret little spot which i have to keep to myself for Smooth Hounds never seen anyone there before, and really couldn't be bothered to fish alone. As i trust Ross and he is only over for the summer i thought i would take him to the special spot, my Smooth Hound Partner is normally Alex Plaster but he was away on Jolly Holidays. He is the only man that also fishes this spot, that i know of. It was very quiet for the start of the session first two hours was dead with no bites really ( i think i had one baby Smooth Hound at high water) and that was it! I just had a feeling that the fish would be there, was getting annoyed that i choose the wrong spot to try! And then the first proper Smoothy Run happened! ZZZZZZzzzzz Yeah buddy Fish on! I cant actually Remember the size of this one i think like 8/9lb 

We carried on catching lots of Small Hounds, Until yet another screaming run, from the sound of the reel we both knew this was a big one! After striking and feeling that it was very powerful i begin to S*** myself thinking i better not loose this! This fish luckily was swimming towards me a little and was not going near the heads under water....then i saw it F**k "Ross you better be ready for this, don't loose it get it in the bloody net" and after a bit of splashing around on surface it was in "YESSSSS" I knew it was the double i was waiting for, when Ross brought it up the rocks i was like OMG thats over 15lb..hit the scales on bang on 17lb (New Personal Best Starry Smooth Hound) 

Had this fish at around 11.30pm & Stayed fishing till 1am thinking another one would turn up, only couple more small ones. Think we ended on 12 Hounds between us.

This was one Afternoon i decided to do a bit of lure bashing

First ever Rockling in the Day Time

This has to be one of the best bait fishing sessions i have ever had & it was a Solo mission as-well so all these next few photos was self timer camera shots & all fish was released of course...apart from a Mackerel ;)!!! It all started with my first cast, out went a Launce on a Running Ledger 4/0 Sakuma Manta Extra
My new Personal Best Undulate Ray weighing 13lb 8oz

Yet another Personal Best a 9lb 14oz Small Eyed Ray which also took Launce on a Running Ledger 4/0 Sakuma Manta Extra

Could this really get any better?? Well it some how managed too...9lb 8oz Small Eyed Ray! 

I managed another  Small Eyed Ray of like 6lb but didn't even bother with that photo, needed to get back out in the water this was like 5 Casts 4 Rays!! 

I had a little go for some Mackerel and Wrasse & had a few too :) Then i prepared the Smooth Hound Rod as Darkness was nearly upon me. Landed one whilst by myself about 5/6lb which took a whole Squid. 

By now i had to phone someone to tell them that the fishing is awesome and to come down! So phoned up Ross told him where i was and he soon came down :) Think he did manage 4 Smooth Hounds but he couldn't get any over 4/5lb

Double Hook up Smoothys both pretty small but always good to get a picture of two people holding fish.

Even caught a Conger on the Ray/Smooth Hound Gear! Only a small one but another fish to carry on this awesome session! 

So around 11.30pm i called it a night and left Ross by him self down there to only catch a couple more small hounds lol 

Tony Heart Boat Fishing for Tope!!

my best Tope so far this year estimating around 25-27lb from the skipper, (i personally think bit smaller) The only Tope of the day which came on Live Mackerel all the others took Bream Fillet  Tagged & Released

 Here is the Biggest Tope of the day going to Chris Robinson weighing 30lb ! Fish took Black Bream Fillet
 Sam Daniels in on the Tope action :)
 So myself and Ross Johnson met up to try for a Thick Lipped Mullet! The fish started feeding in our Shirvy very quickly, i think we had 5 or 6 thick lips between us. All pretty small though! Then we saw a couple of tiny White Bream come into the shirvy. I said to Ross "look there i think there White Bream" as he is a species hunter he got so exited he was watching them the whole time he was there pretty much. Before you know it he somehow managed to hook Mummy White Bream! He shouted out "Its a White Bream" whilst concentrating very hard not to loose it. I quickly got down the rocks and scooped it up in the net for him!

Weighing 1lb 9oz (Well done mate)


I took Ross down a easy beach mark for Golden Grey Mullet, after seeing loads the day before in the shallows i was sure we would get a few! But it just didn't feel right, wasn't many jumping around etc. We fished the tide in for around 1 hour and Ross managed just the one Golden Grey (Took Lug-worm) , i only had one bite which i missed! 

Baby Thick Lipped i had the day before on a quick session down St Aubins Harbor lost one caught 1

Me and Ross had a few Common-Eels one evening after work, as well as Wrasse :)

Here is Ritchie and his Mullet holding a fine Golden Grey Mullet ;) Which took a lug worm free-lined

Golden Grey Mullet i had on the Meps whilst spinning!

Thick Lipped Mullet i took whilst float fishing using Bread Flake for bait estimated around 5lb, was a great scrap and quickly released :)

Here is Sam Chapon with the biggest Thick Lipped Mullet i have ever seen landed estimated at 7lb (We was fishing somewhere we wasn't meant to be!) But was only a bit of fun quick catch and release jobby :)

To finish of this Blog Post the last fish i had in July was this Bass of 6lb 5oz caught on Mackerel Head & Guts Fishing with a 7/0 Sakuma Manta Extra Hook. This is my best one so far this year and hoping to get a bigger one sometime soon :) 

I have had a few blanks and rubbish sessions along the way of course! But that pretty much sums up the last two months of Fishing :) fishing competition coming up end of this month. So lets hope i get a few to weigh in! Thanks for taking the time to have a look please come again. 

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