Monday, December 13, 2010

December Update

Well i have recently been fishing with soft plastics instead of the bait ! instead of catching or trying to catch Flounder this time of year, i am Catching wrasse instead! so here is a little report of fishing with soft plastics.(Pictures by Ritchie Campion)
This was my first Wrasse. and the start of many more i hope on Soft Plastics.
So in total i had 3 wrasse this day.
Went down same spot the next day as the first day a few wrasse was landed!
I got the bites but could not hook up with any Ritchie Campion and Ben Bates had a couple !
Then this Bass took my 3" Bubble Shad took me and the fish by surprise !
So a few fish was caught i could now see some sense in this Fishing with Soft Plastics :) !
Ritchie was telling me to join the so i did . I had a good read and got interested! So it came Saturday morning 11/1

2/10. I couldn't wait to get out there fishing! Blanked at first spot i tried then had 1 Wrasse when we moved to a differnt spot on the s/w coast! .Sunday feeling fresh as ever after not getting much sleep on sat night due to drinking alot. Ritchie came and picked me up and off we went!
A Pretty nice Day Caught Pollack! went 2lb 4oz
Caught on a 3" Bubble Shad again
So moved just around the corner and boom Fish on!

Only a Small Wrasse but still great fun!
Much credit to Ritchie Campion for showing me this way of fishing i bet in the summer months i will be doing this aswell as my bait fishing, also i am purchasing my own water pro
of camera so i will update my blog with all of the fish i catch :) !
Here is a picture of a Decent Wrasse Ritchie had yesterday:
I still haven't managed to get one this big ! although was pretty close yesterday when i lost a
decent one on surface :(!
So darkness got the better of us and we had to stop fishing ! had this BEAST near the end of the day!! on a X Layer

I am gonna get my act together from now on and update this blog :) Thanks for reading ! Also Ritchie's & Callum Robertsons Blog is a great read Check it out!

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