Thursday, January 6, 2011

Few over last couple Weeks!

Fishing Report from last few trips!

Well i am getting into this slow retreiving soft plastic's along the bottom for wrasse now and it has been working well ! the fishing has slowed down for most people including me in terms of catching fish ! but its about getting out there and giving it your best shot!Ritchie Campion Took me to Rock Mark i have never fished and i managed this:

Bass of 3lb 5oz on the 27th December was a great fight on a light spinning rod!

As you can see by the close up the Soft-Plastic i am using Reins Paddle Tail 10gram Jig head

The Wrasse have seem to disappeared recently, until Ben Bates proved us wrong and had this one:

We did a little bait fish session - Ritchie & Ben had Scorpion Fish both on the Really light Rods (LRF - is what they call it pffft )

i had 2 dogfish (i am not proud of) but Ben had this one (he seemed over the moon!!:

And here is a Funny Video for you guys to watch it involves Me Slapping Ben Bates Multiple times with a dog fish before kindly releasing the poor thing :) :

Thanks for Reading! More of this to come !

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