Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Personal Best - Thick Lipped Mullet

Well my mate Rob Dingle got down to the spot a little earlier than me on Monday night, and started to put some ground bait in and before he knew it they came on the feed!. I arrived moments after he had just caught this one.

Estimated this one of 4lb 1/2

Another frustrating hour went by, and Rob Dingle managed another Thick lipped Mullet no picture but around the 4lb 1/2

Then after a good 2 hours of failing to hook up with one i managed this one
5lb 8oz :) put a great bend in my rod before safely entering the net.

I Will update this report later on this week with a few fish that me and friends had last weekend!
So Please keep Reading !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love the new layout of the blog mate

  2. So, mullet fishing at night! I have never heard or seen anyone do so here in Denmark. Is there a place where I can read about this in detail? It sounds very interesting!

    Kind regards, Anders.