Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting to love fishing with Soft Plastics!

I have been out a few times after work this week & over the course of the weekend fishing has still been very difficult trying to find somewhere to fish without the wind affecting me too much !

So it all Started with this Garfish on the Hard Plastic in Current! :

We have had lots more Wrasse too! :

Callum Had a nice Pollack of 3lb i had one the day before which went 3lb 5oz, but no camera with me! 

Callum had 6 Bass Yesterday too ! Top Angling by him! i only managed to get a couple of pics of the smallest one he caught:

Then i managed one :) !! 

More to come from my day before's fishing (Just waiting on Pictures) keep checking out my blog!!

Many Thanks :)


  1. Nice one Daniel! Cant help but envy your results mate! Callum's too of course :)

    Ask Callum if he has any of those tiny plastics etc left over that I gave to him in Bosh. Will at least give you a look at them in the flesh.

  2. Thanks again Andy!
    Yeah i will ask him next time i see him, yeah that would be great i like the look of them Senko's you do! might have to give them ago :) !

  3. Another great report mate. Give us a shout soon if your keen for a session!