Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Wrasse Over the Weekend!

Here are some more recent catches of a few Wrasse i had over the weekend!!

This is just some of the ground i fish over for Bass/Wrasse! As you can see what we are standing on is thick Kelp! 

This one here was one of the biggest i had, really wanted my Soft Plastic!

Another great Shot of a colorful Wrasse

So after around 15 Wrasse on Friday/Saturday the sun went down and it was all over!!

 Sunday i spent the day on Anna2 Charter Boat Catching some Bream & Congers. This is only picture i took though.

I love there Eyes!!

I am off on Holiday for 2 weeks on Saturday so May not post anything for a while. But i will make it up to you guys when i get back ;) Bye for noww !

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