Friday, August 5, 2011

Golden Grey Mullet Bash

GG Mullet Bashing
So i finished work at 4.30pm yesterday. Jumped in the van & off i went in search for some Mullet! Got the fork out spent a few minutes collecting some Lug worm Got the Rod and my beach Spike Put the Waders on and off i went! 

It was very quiet for the first hour! but as the tide started to flood in (very quickly) the Mullet started to bite! here is the first one which hooked its self doubled my rod over that was sitting nicely in my beach spike!

First Fish of the Day!

Because i was already in waist high water i had to walk a fair way back up the beach so i could beach them, in order to take photos!

 It is very hard i had a little bag on my back! A bucket with the worms strapped to my chest. Trying to land the Mullet aswell as taking pictures its alot of effort when i could quickly unhook and re-bait for another!  But you guys like pictures & so do i :)   
So i re-baited put it out in the same spot within seconds my rod was doubled again! 

This one was a Great fight kept on swimming towards me i had to reel like mad to keep the tension tight on him!

A Nice close up :) 

Tide was really coming up now! So amazing how it comes up so quick and the fish all split up and go there different ways up the beach but i think i stayed with them as i had 5 in total in just a couple of hours and called it a day! 

Here is a picture of another Mullet i had! 

I had no scales with me so did not weigh any of the fish! but i am pretty good at guessing and none of them was over 1lb 12oz! Still all good fun on the light gear :) 

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