Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October What a Great Months Fishing!

I really dont know where to start this month i have caught alot of good fish, but i have been fishing a fair bit too! But you really do have to fish like 3 or 4 times a week even if its for 2 Hours and your in with a chance of catching some really good fish :)

33lb Eel took the tail end of a Mackerel at a new spot i have never fished before with Scott. Was pretty hard condition was hard to hold bottom due to the Tide and Deep water put none the less it put up a Great scrap we left soon after very short session felt good :) 
This next fish is my 2nd Best Eel of the year and my 3rd eel over 35lb from the Shore on the scales went 35lb and tail was still on ground was a very very long fish! i managed to gaff this Eel myself too and there was a bit of swell. It was my First Cast again using Cuttle fish for bait! was 20 mins into darkness! (Jammy git eh ;) ) Was only only fish of session was home and in bed by 9pm lol! 

This was yet another great session met up with Gareth and ventured on down to a new spot for me that i have always wanted to fish just never got round to it. And as Gareth Suggested it i was very keen :)
and way around 1 hour into the session i managed a Small Eye Ray around 5lb took sand-eel & squid on running ledger.  
I put a Conger rod out and withing 10 mins i had one playing around with my bait. After a good solid pull down i Striked to find my self into a Snag! Bugger in the end i lost my gear on that cast.
another 2 hours went by with not much action and Screaming run on Gareths Rod Strikes it and knew it was decent, as was on Ray gear thought might be a Blonde Ray. But after very very good fight he was playing very well and it did mess us around alot. Gaffing it was quite difficult but we did it in the end :) 
His P.B Conger of 38lb 

And one day after work me and Gareth tried to find some more Eels and we got a couple. 

Popped out after work met up with Scott, Ritchie & Hannah for a spot of Wrasse Bashing i was eager to get down the rocks everything looked perfect! i got the first cast in water and before you know it within 30 secs of fishing ZZZZzzz screaming run i locked up thinking big Wrasse and turned it, now i can feel head shakes (this aint no Wrasse) got it closer and saw the head on it and flash of Silver its a Bass, got it in the net and in a safe place to Measure and get a Picture. It had something wrong with it by its Head maybe got spear fished and got away or netted. But it was hungry for my Reins Pumpkin Shad :)

Weighed 5lb 9oz and measured 67cm not a bad start! 

All in all between us managed around 10 Wrasse on SPs my luck wasn't so great after that Bass just had the 1 Wrasse haha. & Managed to snap Hannah's pink rod pulling it out a snag WOOPS :)

So Myself and Gareth decided to go for Eels on a Friday night. We arrived at the spot and it looked perfect it was still light so i whacked out a sand-eel on a running ledger and after 10 mins had a screaming run, ran over striked and wasn't there. Gutted oh well getting dark now time for the conger traces to come on! and out they went with some Cuttle out and sand-eel. Wasn't long before my rod started to pull down and i was into my first Eel of the night as i was playing this fish Gareth also hooked into one on his rod with the Ray gear on, Double hook up!! so as i was playing my one in i got down to waters edge and managed to Trace the eel and pulled it up on the rocks and ran over to help Gareth with the gaff. as this was happening my other Rod screamed off nearly went in! Ran Over to that one Striked that and had to get that one in too! bloody hell any way we landed all 3 eels in the space of 5/10mins! all of them in-between 15lb and 20lb :)

So after the pics and releasing all 3 Eels it was time to get rods back out sweating like Jimmy Saville in a Nusery i was as was wearing that many layers of clothes lol! any way about 1 hour passed with out i bite (Whats going on) and as soon as i was thinking that Boom Eel on again. But was on Gareth Ray gear again! It was a very big fish he was saying i could see it was stripping the line of his reel, but couldn't put to much pressure on it as using the weaker line. After 5 mins of fighting this one unforgettably snapped the line :( 
He had another one anyway:

I ended up getting 1 more Eel too so 5 Eels between us..Pretty Good session :)

Went with Alex for a couple hours on a Sunday night here is him with his First Shore Caught Blonde Ray he wont shut up about as i have never had one of shore lol ;)

He had a Tiny Small Eye too! his 2nd one ever (he thought both these fish was like 30lb! haha)

Went on a session with Leigh Mullins to a spot he suggested he told me where ti was and i had never fished this spot either but always wanted to give it ago. So as i finished work earlier than him i found my own way down and hoped it was the right spot lol! I was still my first cast with a Sand-eel on for Bait when my rod screamed off and i landed this fine Bass of 6lb 15oz :) Lee rocked up just before i had this.

After a hour or 2 of not much action i went to check my bait as i noticed my line was not in the direction i casted it and thought it was tide which pulled my gripper out of bottom. half way through reeling it in thinking i had a lump of weed on i felt a bit of a head shake from a fish . got it to Surface and saw it was decent bass tried netting it but was hard in the swell so just winched it up the rocks :) This one was 8lb 1oz currently my best Bass so far this year :) 

David took me out for a Bass :) Ventured out with David on Sunday afternoon for few Hours fishing was hard after catching few Snipe and Pollock we found the Bass on way back into the Harbor ..his was decent weight 4lb 12oz on a hard lure :) mine was wee baby. 1lb 9oz on Savage gear lucky i had small stinger on it seemed to be hooking most the fish.

Highlight of the afternoon was still getting towed in though haha :)

After a day of struggling to find a Bass me and Gareth decided to do a bit of Wrassing they wasn't touching the lures so tried a little secret trick when they aint biting the lures they will bite the Bait knocked limpets of the rocks and put them onto our jig heads straight away started catching fish :)
Gareth with a Wrasse weighing 4lb 12oz :)

Here is my Best fish of the short session going 4lb 

Bass Competition 2012 

Had this one all Planned out my plan was i needed to win it simple as not going to lie haha :) So the Friday night was very hard going with the strong winds the tides was not great either very hard to fish! Maybe made the wrong move with the fishing spot but we had to try, I managed a small Rockling and Gareth had Pollock just under 3lb, Packed up and got to sleep at home for 2.30am after around 3 hours sleep we had to get lure fishing! the wind was outrages! cut a long story short was a rubbish day only had wrasse on lures and Gareth lost a Bass on the Lure! went to sleep at 7pm and went back out for 12.30am. And luckily we did as Gareth managed to pull out the Biggest fish of the Competition which went 9lb 15oz at the weigh in 15 hours after he had it. Giving him 10lb 3oz for this fish :) Well done mate! 

Sunday weather was alot better we went up and down alot of spots with the lures just couldn't find any Bass at the 4th Spot i had a Pollock of 2lb 10oz

 and Gareth lost a Bass trying to pull it up on rocks with the swell but it came off lol! Gareth getting too old for all this climbing ;) so he called it a day around 11/12am ! My mission was still to get one of like 7lb so we had chance winning the Team prize..went down one final spot for the incoming for 2/3 hours as soon as that tide turned the fish started biting had around 7 Wrasse on the savage gears getting pissed off with them as thought they were Bass haha! and Finally managed a Bass of 2lb 9oz when i saw it i was very happy! was quite far away from my bag where my scales where my bait rod was with big bait on it so ran over and weighed it for moment of truth bugger! carried on having 2 more follows from bass (one looked 4lbish GRRR) didn't get any pictures of last session as left my camera in the van in most of the sessions i did when there was a bit of a trek involved i cba to carry it around its quite chunky lol! I had to call it a weekend. Enjoyed a few drinks at the Shakespeare later on that evening :)

So thanks for reading once again ignore all the grammar and spelling mistakes no one is perfect. I aint the kind of guy to waste my time reading it back to check for them haha. Tight lines all, see you next time. I am having a bit of time off fishing & to relax and chill at home like normal people do lol!


  1. damn those are some big fish you guys caught out there! sounds like a great months fishing!

  2. Yet another great months fishing and report, thanks Dan

    Mike D