Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 2012 / January 2013!

Hello everyone! Sorry i have been slack it has been Christmas & New Year more drinking than fishing had to be done. Lets get back to speaking about my Fishing trips.....It was the end of November and i thought i was in with a chance to come 1st in my Fishing Club (The Sinkers Sea Fishing Club) Sinkers
I thought that i only needed one more fish to secure my place. Running out of fish to choose from i picked to go for a Tub Gurnard. I went to a spot i have had them over 1lb before in the winter months. My session started with this tiny Bass:

After this 40 minutes went by with no action, i changed one over to a rig i use for Flounder as i knew you can get them here and Boom! 1lb 3oz 

I am already a happy chappy after catching that Flounder, so surely it cant get any better....
on my last cast of my short session my rod starts to arch over slowly then started to thump! Striked what i thought was gonna be another Flattie. Once it surfaced i was shocked what i had hanging onto my hook. Wasn't going to loose this one, carefully netted it :D YESSSSSS should have seen my face!

Target Species and a decent one 1lb 1oz Tub Gurnard 

After trying around 1 more time in the last week of November i ended up coming 3rd overall. 

1st Place - Jason Touzel-  24 Species 1262 Points
2nd Place - Leigh Mullins - 24 Species 1250 Points
3rd Place - Daniel Ferguson - 24 Species - 1217 Points

December 2012
Myself & Alex Plaster decided we would try for a Ray or Red Mullet on the 5th December 2012. It was a very cold & windy night and a floatation suit was a must. Started off very quiet in terms of bites, but things started to heat up a little!

Alex Plaster with a Small Eyed Ray 7lb 7oz was the only decent fish of the night!

10th December - P.B Thick Lipped Mullet 5lb 2oz 

So my plan was to catch a Thick Lipped Mullet tonight, after finding a new spot earlier this year i was very much hoping they would still be around. I only had 1 hour to fish before a 5 aside football match. 

So in went the ground bait and 30 mins in still no sign of a fish...i was starting to doubt catching at this time of year at the spot i was Fishing. After half a bucket of ground bait went in it was time to go to football!...What do you know 2 dark shadows aka Mullet turn up around the 2-3lb mark. I was pushing it for time as it was, so i had to abort mission.  

After Football it was 11pm at night and i thought "why not for 30 mins it wont hurt" So drove to the spot and put in a few spoon fulls of ground bait straightaway 1 Mullet came into it and it looked like a big one! Putting the bread as quickly as possible on my hook watching the mullet sucking in pieces of sinking bread gets your heart going :) in went my piece, there was around 4 mullet feeding now...the smallest one came to my bread i quickly pulled it away from that one, i wanted the biggest one. Next i saw a bigger fish come to it, i thought i might not have another chance i striked it! Great fight and pretty hard to net, but i did it! My new P.B Thick Lipped Mullet 5lb 2oz :)

20th December Mullet
My good friend of mine Sam Chapon back to Jersey for his Christmas leave from the Army he was very keen to get a fish! I took him out for a Mullet after 15 mins of ground baiting an area we saw some fish! Out came the rod i quickly set the rod up for Sam. The gear we was using is very simple...Spinning Rod...Spinning Reel....30lb Braid and a size for hook tied straight to line with a chunk of bread on the hook :)
 6lb 3oz and his P.B

Saturday 5th January the plan was to go and catch some Pollock with Tony Heart aboard Anna 2. I was crewing today on the boat but Sam Chapon joined me again on this brilliant day out. He also had the Best Pollock of the day weighing 10lb 8oz and the best Ling of the day weighing 23lb 8oz! 

Here is a Video i made to sum up my Weekend Boat Fishing Experience! Please check it out! 

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I have been out shore fishing twice since the Boat trip with only Dogfish best one 2lb 5oz, small Pouting & Pollock coming in!

Here is one Pollock i had on the Power Isome IS-02,size - XL
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I think thats about it for this Blogpost! But i have forgotten anything i will just add to this post! so be sure to keep checking out my blog :)

Peace out


  1. I have had mullet of therocks all through the year, nothing that big mind you, even seen them once when the water was almost mud coloured.

  2. Hi there, Daniel! Your fishing story is really fun to read and I enjoyed looking at your photos! Those are awesome! Especially the tiny bass. Believe me, it’s not that so easy to catch.

    Melanie Daryl

  3. That’s some fishing escapade you’ve had there! Your photos clearly show that you’re having fun with what you’re doing. I wonder how you can explain to a non-fishing enthusiast like me the pros of having fishing as a hobby aside from getting to learn the names and species of those fishes through your posts, which is a good thing in itself.

  4. When I was a school going boy I used to go for fishing daily and this activity became a habit but this days I can not go for fishing due to my huge work load.