Monday, September 16, 2013

Aug/Sept Catch up

Hello again, I have been pretty bad over the last couple months with taking photo's of my fish. I will try get back into it from now on though :) 

We shall start off with the JOSAF Competition always a great week's fishing. 
I had the first couple days planned out and stuck to my plan! But the fish was very hard to find, the first session i did was with Jason Touzel we was going for Bream/ Congers. The Swell was not what we expected, it picked up so much & the spot was nearly unfishable. I persisted with the Congering and Jay had one out for a Bass, his bait was in the water nearly two hours and started to scream off! Fish on, there was one area luckily where i had a chance of landing it in the net (luckily i was wearing waders) as i would have got wet feet otherwise lol! It was landed :) 5lb 12oz so a qualifier for the comp. 

Carried on fishing away swell died down and i finally managed to pull out one small Conger and that was it pretty much. We had a couple hours sleep and straight back on the fishing! Couple of Common Eels in the morning not big enough.....then we went onto the Thick Lipped Mullet we had a few but again none was big enough....i had one on which might have gone over 3lb and slipped on my arse and broke 3 eyes of my rod & lost the fish (That was the Highlight) So the Sunday was coming to an end and i was tired, i had one last ditch effort for a Mullet 1st cast missed good bite, 2nd Drop Boom Fish on great scrap and landed 4lb 4oz Thick Lipped :D

Happy now i can have good nights sleep.In the morning i had another couple of Thick Lipped Mullet including another weigher of like 3lb 2oz. Buzzing now got two fish weighed in, to some the rest of week up i had a 1.11 Black Bream which didnt make the board but got the points :) a nice P.B Common Eel weighing 3lb 14oz whilst targeting them :)

On a Roll now thats 4 fish weighed in and in 2 Category's was trying so hard to get best overall angler, had a session with Alex Plaster for the Eels he puts out a Launce & Bang into a fish, only a bloody Undulate Ray weighing 12lb 8oz which topped the Ray Section

The Friday night last time to get a Conger 5th Session for them & i got one weighing 21lb 8oz...1st Place Conger of the Comp

See the final board 

I got some trophy's too :D

Since the comp i have fished couple times, best fish we have seen is this Eel of 27lb for Alex

Thanks for reading Alderney Angling Comp soon, first for me looking forward to it too :D


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