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Fishing Jersey August 2015 to December 2015

Hey everyone it has been a while but as always I am catching you all up on everything that has gone on fishy wise over the past 5 months. I have thought about writing and doing this at least 2-3 times a week but too be honest I couldn't be bothered until a bit of new year motivation! 

We are going to start of with some of the general fishing myself and friends have been doing. I seemed to have Bass on the brain towards the 2nd half of 2015. Here is session we had on the 20th August. 

Found a new spot a very high ledge to fish from but it looked so good! Here is the first decent fish I caught from the spot a 5lb 6oz caught on a whole squid just after sunset. 

Alex Plaster then showed us both that their is congers down here with this 18lb 6oz Conger caught on his new 3-6oz rod looked like a great scrap from the sideline.  

11.15pm we said "lets give it 5 more minutes" Alex & I was glad we said that as guess what happened in those 5 minutes.....Yup Screaming Run strike....Fish on!! Alex's new personal best Bass weighing bang on 8lb took a Launce. 

                                                                                                                                                                    I have been running an open shore wrasse competition for a couple of years now and here is a few pictures of the winning anglers with their wrasse.  Steve Mullins with a 50cm C&R

 The best Lure Caught Wrasse went to Marcus Landick 50cm (C&R)

The Best bait caught wrasse went to a great wrasse angler Paulo Alves 52cm (C&R)

Me presenting Paulo Alves with the overall best Ballan Wrasse Trophy 

 Me & Sam Chapon holding some small Bonde Rays we caught on sandeels. 

 Bass lure fishing with surface lures became a bit addictive for me from September! I managed quite a few schoolies over september & october on surface lures. Here is a few pictures.  

 An early morning session resulted in a surface lure Bass & Garfish for Alex.

 We returned a couple morning's later to get Alex his first surface lure caught Bass! 

Me & Ben Bates went for a couple hours after work he managed this chunky 4lber on a Savage Gear Sandeel soft plastic in deeper water! 

Then I got really into live baiting for the Bass down Jersey's local harbor managed a couple out here is the two best ones. 

6lb 12oz Bass my biggest I caught over the whole year.

Live Pouting always does the business! 

Sinkers Sea Fishing Club Flatfish Competition - I decided to have my first session of the year for one and got lucky with this 1lb 4oz 3dram and won the competition as no other fish was weighed in. 

Me & Scott Batcholor decided on a nice easy pier session on Jersey's North Coast where I found the only Ray of the night this little Blonde Ray around 3.8lbs.

 December caught Undulate Ray, a bit unexpected I have caught a couple down this spot now but it really aint known to produce many Undulate rays. 10lb 12oz 

Me & my girlfriend took the dogs for a walk & of course I took a rod along, here is Jess holding one of a couple of small fish caught. 

The only Red Mullet I took a picture of last year, I only caught a couple and I did try around 4/5 times for them. But they was mainly small under 1lb in weight. 

A December Lure Caught Pollock over 2lb took a Sidewinder Sandeel (I swear I didn't pinch a packet from the Tackle Heaven warehouse!) 

Jersey Open Shore Angling Festival 
I always love this competition every year it is something to look forward too! I always try to prepare for it the best I can with making rigs in advance always  making sure I have enough line on my reels. I always try to double check I have no frayed / damaged line which potentially could loose you a weighing fish.

Preparation's underway for the competition
My first Grey Gurnard (First I have heard of caught in Jersey)
 A Bass just short of the qualifying 5lb weight 

Team mate Ross Johnson with the best conger of the competition weighing 26lb 2oz

After a long week we was going a bit crazy!

Ross Johnson also holding a weigher Thick Lipped Mullet going 4lb 8oz 10dram which I think won him that section also. Both times he was alone when he caught these fish. 

I only managed one weigher this year a Thick Lipped Mullet weighing 3lb 0oz 10 drams which just scraped on the board for a short time. At least I got some points for the team. I had conger to 14lb 8oz, Black Bream 1oz short, another couple of Thick Lipped 1-2oz short & few more I haven't made a note of. 

Jersey Bass Festival 2015 

Just the one Bass for me only a small one but it's a weigher on my first cast of course!
Fishing went mental after high water with me loosing a nice Conger over 25 I somehow managed to beach it on the rocks with the huge swells and by the time we got the gaff near it once on land the swell took it back out and it snapped my 50lb hook length!

Then the same happened again with a Bass around the similar size to my first one I just tried winching it and it fell off I ran down saw it lying in a rock pool and the swell came up and took it right back into the sea good fun anyway 

Alderney Angling Festival 2015 

I spent a couple of sessions lure fishing for Bass in Alderney. My very first fish in Alderney this year was a Bass on a surface lure before the competition started. I found a few but they was mainly schoolies with none being over 3lb.

 Leigh Mullins did a session with me though and a better fish hit his savage gear sand-eel of which he landed! Not a weigher but still a fine lure caught bass. 

 You just cannot beat Wrasse fishing in Alderney, everyone that use to fish Alderney in its hayday thinks that it is hard work now compared to how it use to fish, especially for the specimen fish. Everywhere you go you can find quality wrasse alot of 3-4lbers so in a few years maybe these can grow into the 6-7lb fish Alderney is famous for! 

4lb 15oz Ballan Wrasse the biggest one I caught this year. 

Here is a little video I made showing the sport that can be had in just a few minutes wrasse fishing in Alderney: (Go into settings and play in HD for best quality)

Conger fishing was very hard this year, I think because I enjoy catching them so much I do waste far too much time targeting them in competition's,I should be going for fish which might be easier to catch / get on the board. But every night I did spend a good few hours on them sometimes all night. I did catch a few whips - Biggest one was around 14lb. Here is a couple of pics of a couple I had.

Here is some general fish caught in Alderney from Team mates and myself. 

Leigh Mullins with a nice wrasse & bream caught from the end of the breakwater.
Leigh showing everyone how its done again with the biggest mullet of the festival two years running! 

Leigh with his weigher Black Bream caught on a float! 

Matt Smith with his weigher Thick Lipped Mullet

On form as always Leigh with his weighing Lesser Spotted Dogfish! 

 the same session I had my only weighing fish of the festival! My god did I work for it 38 hours with no sleep when I caught this cracking Undulate Ray weighing 10lb 15oz 

The biggest Eel I saw in Alderney 2015 this year was one I gaffed for Lee Jarvis, a couple hours after I caught my Undulate. I knew there was one Eel down there as it was playing around with my bait a couple of days before, and with me and Ross having caught Huss their previously it was a good place to try for our final night. 

All week I was so Ill with Bronchitis, Headache & full of cold as well as my Asthma being a pain going through two inhalers in the week just so I could breathe normally....once I reached the top of a cliff I would need a few minutes to just get my breath back. Maybe I should of slept some more as probably made it worse with only sleeping for around 4 hours a day. But I was in Alderney to catch fish not recover in bed all week! I have never taken a day off work sick in my life, so I aint gonna take a night off Conger fishing am I haha!! 

The final board, as you can see quite a few spaces empty especially the Conger & Wrasse sections.

A few other fish I caught during the competition. 

You cant beat the Bass Assassin Soft Plastics!

4lb 8oz Lure Caught Wrasse - Bass Assassin Soft Plastic
Leigh showing me how to catch Mullet again!

Oh but I did manage to catch the smallest one feeding! Love it from a rock mark. 

So we all had a great time in Alderney again of course we didn't take pictures of all of our fish, many wrasse over 4lb I didnt picture due to dead battery on my phone or simply because you can catch that many of them you start forgetting the fact its a decent fish as you are seeking that 6lber! Always a great crack with the Green Army bunch who won the competition AGAIN. Fair Play lads always a pleasure :) 

Golden Grosdo Species Hunt Competition 

So the Golden Grosdo 24 hour species competition was a cracker well done to all who took part and thanks to Rob Dingle for organizing the event 
 it was teams of two so myself and Lee Jarvis teamed up. Gale force winds did not help any of us, and the rain didn't really stop but we managed 12 species in the end which got us joint 1st 
🎣 I managed 9 species for myself! (Only mini species allowed is the Grosdo aka smelt) All good fun can't wait for next year!!

The Species we ended up with between Lee & Myself are: 1) Whiting 2) Wrasse 3) Grosdo 4) Pouting 5) Dogfish 6) Pollock 7) Red Mullet 8) Conger 9) Rockling 10) Thick Lipped Mullet 11) Common Eel 12) Bass


Conger Eel

St Catherine's Species Hunt Competition - 27th December 

Good bit of fun fishing the St caths species hunt managed joint 2nd with 5 species! 7.59pm and Lee Jarvis managed a couple of eels within 2 mins of each other which got him 1st place with 6 species was good fun. Here is a few pictures of the species I caught as well as Lee's Congers. 

 So those are the 5 species I managed to catch as well as catching a corkwing wrasse and a poor cod which are mini species and do not count.

Very good fun I love the competitive sport not quite knowing what fellow anglers have caught & the banter between the other anglers.

If I have forgotten any fish from this blog post, I will go back in and put them in! 

Thank you all for taking a look! I shall keep you updated with whatever 2016 has to offer! Had 1 session already with only dogfish & pouting turning up but 2nd session is soon, Conger time!! 

For anyone interested in Joining the Sinkers Sea Fishing Club please take a look at the website

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