Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pollack Wreck Fishing (Jan 2009)

Went out Wreck fishing yesterday i was on a charterboat (Anna 2). We left St Helier Harbour at 8am and headed out to the banks to catch some live sandeels. Started off not so well catching very little so moved on to a differnt sand bank, which was a wise move after getting plenty there.
We then steamed out to the Wreck miles offshore and then started to drift fish for some Pollack. 1st drift we had 2 Pollack biggest 16lb then we thought we were going to have a very good days fishing. Had a few more drifts with getting 1 or 2 Pollack a drift all above 10lb.

Fishing started to ease off a bit with getting 1 every other drift. Jez a angler on the boat hooked into a nice fish 30 ft or so off the bottom, and 120 ft away from the wreck, he thought it might have been a coalfish as the are known to come up off the bottom, but no it was a pollack of 18lb 4oz.

Everyones hopes were now up, should have seen Oliver Heart's face he was getting worried someone might of beat his Record. (He holds the current Jersey boat Pollack record of 21lb 14oz) - caught on the same wreck 10 years ago, and caught in January.
So all in all 16+ fish we caught (2 ling (up to 19lb) 14 Pollack (smallest 10lb) and a few Pouting.
Yet again another great day out fishing.


  1. This blog is not detailed enough and too many spelling mistakes , sound like a good fisherman though..