Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a great success.

A bad days fishing beats a good days work

Well went out fishing last night with Mr Mark Andre, at 5.30 we grabbed a burger, and then straight out to the North Coast of jersey (Greve de Lecq Cliff mark).
Had a quick look without the gear checking if it was safe enough with swell/tide etc, then we thought we should give it a go.
We got the gear and then went up slopes through some bushes, then down the cliff. Then we arrived at the destenation, the fishing spot.
At this point all aroud us was white foam from the swell hitting against the rocks i got asked the question "Do you feel safe here" and off course i am going to say yes i am a nutcase.
So we started to fish, me only the 1 rod encase things got a bit nasty and we would of had to get off the rock's quickly. Plus my light gear wouldnt of had a chance with the conditions.
Fished it for a good hour but it just wasn't to be we was more foccused on the swell behind us to be worried about trying to catch fish. Then a big one arrived we were both waiting for it , we knew instantly to get off that rock Aasp before we were swimming.

So back up the cliff we went to the car, after getting our breath back from the trek, we decided to check out Greve De Lecq Pier but there was too many people that were already fishing there.
So we left them too it, when moving around the north coast thinking of were to go next, having very little petrol in the car we checked out Bouley Bay (not to be) then Rozel was the next option, of which we took after seing there was nobody fishing there.
So i set up my 2 rods, as Mark sets up his 4 (forgetting his rigs at home meaning he had to make them on the spot).
9pm by now both of us thinking it was midnight already we was quite shocked, so i had one out for the conger which wasnt touched all night. Then was trying for anything with the other rod, got to the point were i was using a float to catch small Pollack to keep me occupied (Mark still wanting a go with mine when his 4 rods are already out which left me with 1 rod lol). But good laugh all in all between the both of us:
5 Pollack (biggest 14......oz)
1 Dogfish
2 pout
Not quite the fishing session we was hoping for but that fishing ayyyy.

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