Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jan 30/31th Fishing

Sorel Point Winter Fishing

Well me and Leigh Mullins "Mullz" went out fishing last night down Sorel Point in search for some big Pollack and rays/congers.By the time we arrived on the mark it was 10.30pm we was fishing the dropping tide because the tide would have been too strong to hold the bottom if we fished the incoming and over high.

So the rods went out, Leigh took his time making Super Rigs which were rubbish . After he spent a hour on making 1 rig he got snagged and it snapped off he had a couple of little bites on it though. So i had a reel in, changed bait from a Squid to a Sandeel, the rig i was using is a simple running ledger with two 3/0 ultamite Bass hooks, and put a whole large Sandeel on and wacked it out as far as i could. 10 mins went by and i had a run so was straight to it and struck into it.

I was now into a fish which was not a dogfish so pumped it in looking down on a 15-25ft drop after a few minutes it was on the suface Leigh was already half way down the rocks with the Drop Gaff then when he first looked he said oh Doggy i was like nooo wayy this cant be a dog. Then he changed his mind and said Ohh it looks like a Bullhuss i was like Sound Then he realised it was a small Conger of around 10lb i told him would i climb down and get it and for him to hold my rod. So i got down there had a good lock at it. I fought i would bring it up with the swell instead of gaffing it and as i pulled the line towards me Snap (Gutted i was just wanted a pic and to slip it back).

I chucked the gaff with hope of getting it as it layed on the surface but i just was not accurate enough then swam back to the deep Oh Well i set back up but for a conger and wacked it out in same spot but having no luck. Looked over to Leigh and he was having bites he struck into it and fought the battle with this great beast

So was good fun i have got a few videos but they are not playing at the moment but will post them when they do. 2lb 2oz this Shark was weighed at A Fine Fish

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