Monday, April 11, 2011

9/10th April

Lovely Weather = Lovely Fishing

All of these following Photo's are a few from this Weekends Fishing For Wrasse!

This is my favorite photo i have took so far this year :) look at the Colors!

Here is another picture of the same fish!

This Wrasse Really Hit my Lure 2lb 5oz !
Ritchie managed this one in his first cast! look at the Belly on him!
This Wrasse really tried to shake the hook out of his mouth, he found its way into a hole! i soon bullied him out and landed it!

Only a small wrasse but as you can see it really wanted my Lure!
Seeing how long in (cm) the Wrasse was!

Well as you can tell we had a few Wrasse today :) i had a really fun day out !

This Pollack Below came to a Sand-eel Float Fished over Rough Ground big Boulders ! didn't weigh him, but sure put up a good scrap!!

Thanks for reading/ viewing ! i am sure there will be more next week :) ! 

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