Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bass on Lure's last night!

Hello there! just returned from a Session with Ben Bates ! I decided to go to a spot i recently fished for Wrasse, as i knew there would be Bass there (big boulders and lots of them) !
We got down there pretty late around 7.40pm so only had like 40mins of light before darkness! We lost a bit of gear when trying for a Wrasse. Then as that Sun was going down! Ben managed this Bass of 48cm ! :

I already had a hard lure on, Salvage gear White i dont know the name lost the box it came in. I am sure one of you boys do lol! and after around 4 casts of Ben landing his i manged this Beast:

It weighed 5lb 3oz ! was a great scrap, as you can tell by this next photo i was rather happy lol !

Here is a shot of it on the ruler going 62cm. As you can see by the tail of the fish it had once been attacked by something and had a healed chunk out of tail.

Thanks for reading !

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