Thursday, April 28, 2011

47 Wrasse this month on the Soft Plastics!! oh and a Decent Black Bream!

Well i have been getting alot of fish, but most of them are pretty small! here are a few head shots of some Wrasse!!!

I Love the Color's on Wrasse every single one is different! you never know if its gonna be Green, Red, Orange etc!! 

Look at those Teeth !

The Pumpkin Reins Bubble Shad is still working wonders 

This one went a 43cm and was a good scrap! really had to bully him out of a shallow gully! hit my lure basically at my rod tip!

Some of the Ground we fish ! the above fish was caught just meters away from here 


Simon King had a good Black Bream just under the 5lb Mark!!

Simon's Son William King had a nice one!, he had a few by the end of the day he must of felt like Popeye!!

I also had a few! This one was my biggest which weighed 4lb 2oz !! :)

Thanks again for reading guys! 

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