Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its All Kicking Off!!!

I Love Bank Holidays !!!!!!
Well i had a great weekend of fishing! All started off with more Turbot had x4 up to 1lb on Friday night!
Then Saturday i had planed to take my girlfriends brother fishing. He hadn't been in a long time but he picked it up very quickly! he got a small one. Then his rod doubled over! 

It weighed 5lb 4oz and came to a Reins Soft Plastic 7Gram Jighead

It went 51cm on the Lure Forum Tape measure! 

Now my confidence is right up, i managed 13 Wrasse in the end we was only fishing couple of hours! 
Here are some shots!:

Had 1 a cast at one point (all were returned) 
I love this next photo:
 I had have a big one myself weighing 4lb and went 47cm on the Lure Forum Tape Measure! 

Sunday has now arrived!! never guess which spot i returned too :) 

Small Bass took my Soft Plastic! 

Plenty more Wrasse but no size to any of them so no pictures were taken!
 Monday i planned to go fishing with Ritchie Campion ! We met up grabbed a Coffee Bacon & Egg Roll and of we headed ! go to the spot within minutes i was into my first Lure caught Snipe of the year! 

10oz Snipe 

So as the tide went out we moved out with it hence the waders! 

I managed some more Wrasse this one the biggest around 3lb mark ! 42cm :)

We changed location as there was too much weed in water we couldn't fish through it ! 

i Blanked in this next spot we was both trying for a Bass ! And Ritchie got one!! lovely fish 

Romeo Done ! Check out Ritchie's Blog for more hot spanking Fishy Tails :) 


  1. Excellent stuff!!

    Would love to be able to get turbot from the shore - or even offshore - around here, but no such luck I'm afraid.