Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally got a Smooth Hound

So i went out last night on Peter Haworth's Boat Targeting some Smooth hounds for a couple of hours yesterday evening. 

It all started when Ritchie had a Pollack on the Soft Plastic!

Then soon after this my rod started getting a bite! and i struck into my first Starry Smooth Hound of the year! 

So i was a bit happy now as this was only my 2nd cast so hopefully we would get a few more! 

Ritchie Had a Ray on which turned out to be a nice bit of seaweed ( haha ) but he kept on playing around with his Pollacks:

Then the Skipper Pete got his first ever Smooth Hound:

Then whilst we was weighing and releasing his! my rod started screaming off and i was into yet another smooth hound!:

So the Smoothy s were only baby's biggest being only 4lb 9oz ! but its a start!

So now i have some confidence and a little more knowledge. Lets see if i get some of the shore this weekend :) !! 

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