Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ritchie is Starry Eyed

So Wind dropped down last night to nothing was a perfect chance for us to get out and try and catch that smooth-hound we have all been waiting for ! After Deciding to get drunk instead of catch fish on Saturday night i missed out on some good action! Ritchie Had some nice Bream up to 2lb 7oz

And Stephen Donnely had this nice Comman Smoothound:

So i was gutted i turned the fishing down!

So last night me and Ritchie went out to try and get some Smoothhounds for our selves was very quiet for a few hours! I had x2 good runs just not hooking up with them!.
Then Ritchie's Rod bent right over! he was into a nice Starry Smoothy:

I shall keep at it & get one for my self with a bit of luck! Thanks for reading

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