Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are Getting into some now!

So i ventured out on Saturday for a few hours in the day time targeting some Smooth Hounds! Turned into a great little session. Had a Wrasse take my whole squid on my first cast. Got played by dogfish a little. Then I Finally got my P.B Shore caught Starry Smoothy (only 6lb 8oz) but still great fun! that double will come soon 

Then it was Ben Bates turn to get one Same size as mine but a Common Smoothy! :

Then Ben's Dad Stephen Pulled the best one of the day out weighing 14lb 8oz nice bug pregnant female! Great fish!

Thanks for Reading ! I will post Sundays report shortly!


  1. Now something like Ben's dads fish would be something amazing to hook into whilst skishing Dan! That said, none of them would go amiss.

    Great report mate, well done :)

  2. Cheers Andy! Yeah i bet! But i doubt anyone who skished would have on them a 4-8oz rod Slosh 30 and a whole squid for bait lol! :)