Monday, August 15, 2011

Spot of Fishing over the Weekend!!

Its was my fishing club's Wrasse Competition over the weekend so i put a few hours in, using the soft plastics! Had 19 Wrasse in Total over weekend but just couldn't manage one over 3lb! Pretty annoying as i was getting them over this size throughout the week. Here a few Wrasse i did have! 

Ritchie had this one LRF!

Ritchie again with 1 of the 3 Corkwing Wrasse he had:

Tried for some Bream Yesterday on my light mullet rod & had this one!

Had this Bass Yesterday also 3lb 11oz ! Sorry for the Bad picture dont want to give away the spot :)

Some of Jersey's Coastline :) 

Thanks For Reading :)


  1. Very nice report !
    Cheers from Italy :)

  2. Thank you, i have just had a good look at yours :) some nice fish there!