Friday, August 19, 2011

Enough of the Lures .....Bait Fishing :)

So got a few worms Wednesday after work! Then headed to a North Coast Fishing spot.

Had 6 Wrasse at first which was getting annoying as we was trying for Bream & Red Mullet! But a Bream soon came to the surface by Ritchie.

Okay so always a good sign when the first one comes in! But the Ritchie s Rod Bent over again! What do you know a Common Eel!

Then darkness soon came upon us, and i managed a Bream 

I managed 3 in Total !

Even Lobsters came to the Rod :)¬

So Yesterday decided to go for some Mullet with Rob Dingle, he had the day of work and had already caught Golden Grey's, Common Eels, Mackerel, Snipe, Thin Lipped Mullet today so he was in a good mood! Met him at 5pm and started to fish for them ! Rob managed a small Bass. I managed a small Goby! ...Then Rob hit into a good fish!! After a great fight it was in the net.

Thick Lipped Mullet Estimated at 5lb (Catch & Release)

Soon after we targeted the Thin Lipped Mullet! Rob Dingle as always got one after 3 casts!
He then had another one of around the same size! (jammy git lol )
There me focusing so hard in trying to get one of these buggers! Had a good hit but came off within seconds! Then flicked it out and Boom I had one on after a great scrap she was in the net :) !!

My Personal Beat Thin Lipped Mullet weighing 3lb 14oz !

Thanks for Reading everyone & sorry but i am off to the Greek Island that is Zante clubbing with 13 mates Tomorrow So no Blog Post's for a while! :) 

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