Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Conger Bashing!

So i ventured out a few times last week my plan was to fish Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday & Friday only few hours every evening in search of a decent Conger! The first night we tried a new spot. Alex Plaster had x2 Congers 16lb 3oz & 17lb 12oz So Biggest conger of the year so far for him! :) Was pretty hard landing them in the swell might i add!

Alex with the 17lb 12oz 

After being gaffer boy i went reel in to pack up and look what was on my hook! lol!
my 4th Conger of year year yes i am counting it :)

So the next night Myself & Rob Dingle went to another new mark, we both knew that Congers can be caught here aswell as Red Mullet. So i went for the Eels he went for Reds. He had one decent bite which could have been a Red but missed it. My rod on the other hand wouldn't shut up, kept on screaming off id strike the fish it was on then it would come near the surface and off it came. It did this a couple of times and i knew it was a Eel! I must not have been setting the hook properly. But a sorted my self out and got the bugger in the end.

14lb 3oz i think it went! So it beat my previous biggest of the year of 13lb! but still not the one i was looking for! Had one of my previous traces in its mouth the greedy bugger! :)

So that was Wednesday night...still got two more nights to get a bigger one! Thursday is upon us met up with Alex again and Rob went down yet another new mark! 
Was very quiet not many bites happening was thinking about moving round corner but we stuck to it! Alex said i think if we get one it will be a decent one! Rob left us to it and not long after my rod pulled down, i didn't want to mess this up it was being proper gay... little pull downs every minute! I hanged on 5mins plus before i striked into it and Boom! Fish on felt like a good one! now only problem was gaffing it in the swell, but Alex managed it within a couple mins! soon as i saw it i knew it was over 25 maybe 30 we was saying :) 

On the scales at 28lbs Bang on! Was perfectly gaffed in chin so not much harm to fish and released pretty quickly :) 

So Mission Accomplished! I did try Friday for 1 hour but wet and windy called it a night pretty quickly and Scott Ballards bag went for a swim in the sea with a Expensive camera, Tili Lamp, all of his gear, a jacket, nearly a broken reel, and a ripped bib and brace! Expensive night for him :) Dropped down 30ft Drop before getting washed away in swell! i really did feel for him!

Well that's it :) Next mission i think is Undulate Ray Thanks for reading

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