Friday, January 20, 2012

Mullet Bites the Bread!

Over last weekend i went out with Lee Jarvis to a new mark for both of us! He managed his first shore caught Conger of around 10lb catch and released but with no picture i am afraid :( 

I have been out twice over the week once for Congers and once for Mullet.

The Conger Session was short and sweet tried out a new spot. Was only using one rod each between three of us. I was the lucky one who managed two small whips.

                                      I know there not big but still managed the target species. :) 

So then Wednesday night Myself and Ritchie & Mystery Guest Decided to do a Bit of a cheeky Mullet fishing 

Because i am rubbish at mullet fishing Ritchie pulled one out within minutes! 

Ritchie's Girlfriend holding a nice Mullet, I think i heard her say "my hands smell of fish" around 36 times after this picture was taken :)

And then after his was released and he was on the way back to me, i was into a fish put up a great fight in 2ft of water! Here is glory shot: Slightly bigger than Ritchie's ;) 
4lbs +

So still getting fish in January is keeping the motivation up to get out there! Dont think i will get much done over weekend, but if i do i shall let you know how i get on. Trip to Mexico coming up in March so taking a Travel rod with me, should be fun! Only down side is i am trying to burn of my Christmas Turkey :) 
Thanks for Reading


  1. hahahahahaha christmas turkey! love it

  2. Hi Daniel!

    It appears you seem to have good fishing right through winter there in Jersey. I was not aware of that, good news!
    Tell me, as a matter of interest, do you know if anybody has ever caught Cod from the shore in Jersey? Maybe from the deep-water piers? Or is it too far south for Cod?

    Thanks and good luck!

  3. The fishing is okay but hard work! Yes Cod can be caught 22lb is Jersey Record. But it is a very rare site :)

  4. I head in the past week or so a cod came up from one of our north coast bays. went to double figures. but still a rare catch.