Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sun is Shining & the Weather is Sweet!

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since my last blog update & i am sorry i have not been here posting up my catch reports.

I will try this in date order as this report is going to be pretty big! (Which is a good thing i hope)
So here is goes hope you all enjoy!

So went out on Saturday March the 3rd for a afternoon after the Wrasse on the Soft Plastics. started of pretty quiet and there was alot of cloudy water ( I prefer Clear Blue water) But the deeper water gully's i managed to find had better viability already i feel more confident dropped down my Reins Bubbling Shad and Boom Wrasse on!

Was not a big one only measuring in at 36cm, but still its a first of the day already feels like i got a chance of catching more wrasse or a bigger one!

So carried on fishing away trying all different Gully's getting a couple of bites to keep my hopes up. I then got a follow of a small one wrasse, so flicked it back with the hope to get it & BOOM oh this aint that small "Bloody Hell" I was telling me self. As it came to surface got exited and thought it was a Whopper (5lb+) but it was under the size i first thought, and weighed 4lbs measuring 47cm.

Big Fat Belly on it :) even managed to get a self timer image personally i hate doing this. It always seems to go wrong but it worked first time in this case, which i was quite delighted about :)
Also caught on Reins Bubbling Shad 10 Gram Jig Head

So after another 30 mins i called it a day.

I dont think i went much after then took Alex Plaster for his first ever Bass. He managed one, not bad for his first time fishing for them. Too bad about the Size of it ;)

Apart from that i either blanked or forgot about the session.But simply cant be arsed to go to my van now to get my book telling me what i caught. So just sticking to what images i already have on the Computer :) 

So went out Fishing with Liam Harrison the day before i was off to Mexico. I fished with Crabs for the Wrasse and Liam going for Pollack & Wrasse on the Lures. We went to a low water mark making full advantage of the big 38ft Tides.

 Was quiet to start with until the tide started to turn where my crab got hit by this nice Wrasse:

This one going just over 3lb

Liam Had a Pollack & then Managed his first Lure Caught Wrasse of the Year on the Reins Bubbling Shad again, they do seem to work well throughout the year :)

Right so now i am casually in Mexico in the Riveria Maya. Getting use to the 30 Degree Heat it didn't take me long to rob the Buffet Restaurants of there Bread and be down on the Beach trying to catch Tropical Fish lol! 

Started off Lure fishing Savage Gears but it is very hard to do so, as it is shallow for a long way out!
Close in Shallow work is what i needed to do.

Me into my first  Mexican fishy

Standard float set up using a size 4 hook bit of bread and Boom! 

Only small but its a start this fish is called a Bar Jack! Put up a very good fight for its size!

I did get a bit exited as you can tell by this video

Right so left it a few days didn't want to get in the bad books ;) 
And the mission now was to get my Girlfriend Jess onto a fish! I had first cast to see if the fish was there ;) and managed one straight away. Different species this time, Bream like fish.

Then first cast and Jess got one :) ! 

We did take some awesome photos this holiday of fish just going to show you a couple of my Favorites :) 

Baby Barracuda 

Would be here all day if i were to show you all of them.

So back to the fishing! We went to a place called Xel Ha to go snorkeling was great highly recommend it! Swim with Stingrays i started Stroking them.....i got a bit carried away get in my own little world when i am snorkeling hence how i was in the water for 5 hours hehe ! But when i got out i wet a line and managed this fish :)  

Dont have a Clue what it is dont really care either lol! But so far my best fish of the Holiday! But come on your all thinking where are the fish not the bait??

So booked on with Captain Rick out of Puerto Adventuras on the Boat Named Reel Stripper 
We left the harbor at 1.30pm back in for 5pm! 4 Hours fishing for all you people that didn't quite understand Maths :) The Boat looked Decent Enough for just the 2 of us!
Marc is ready to catch some fish!

First hour went by Trawling along and all seemed very quite myself and Marc both looking each other thinking have we just wasted out money haha! But then Rod Screamed off! It was my turn to reel this one in.
It Jumped out water ohhhh its a Sailfish! And after 5 mins Battle it just came off  as it jumped through the air B***** :( I was a bit upset 

But we Carried on 25 mins went by and 2 Rods screamed off at the same time! Whohooo This is Image of us both playing the fish with Marc being the First to get his in! :) 
 Fair Play to the Captain for getting Marc's Camera out of his Bag to take Pictures whilst all of this was Happening :)  

 Then 10 mins later i got mine in! They dont half put up a good fight! This one Estimated at 85lb. I Highly Recommend trying to do this type of fishing.

So on the way back to shore now and 2 rods go off at same time again Marc's turn was next so he was about to grab his rod as i picked up the other one going off. Unfortunately Marc's came of before he felt the fish! But mine was on! Felt a bit bad as it was meant to be Marc's turn. I did offer but he let me have it :) Black fin Tuna was the result estimated at around 15lb :) Put up a great fight also! think all of these fish do!

So i tried couple more times of the shore and caught a few more small fish. My camera broke for the second week. Bit gutted but you didn't miss out on much! Just few more smaller fish of the beach/ rocks etc :) sussed out how to catch Trigger fish on the last day using special limit as bait and lost one on surface around 4lb bite straight through my line. Ohh Well! Thats mexico all summed up! I did the normal holiday stuff mostly though like Drinking/ Chilling.

Back to Jersey! 1pm Tuesday 27th Was fishing by 2pm for 1 hour & Blanked! Was just too tired and Jet lagged! But went last night for a Hour after work and managed couple Wrasse this one being the best (only couple pound on the Reins Bubbling Shad) : 

Chow For Now! Should be going quite a bit now so will keep you updated! Ignore how many exclamation marks i do and how bad my grammar and spelling is. I am literally writing of the top of my head and cant waste too much time as i am at work hehe...right back to work now! :( 

I will end my Blog Post with my Favorite Picture of my Holiday hehe (Sorry Jess xx)


  1. Great report Daniel, reckon you've got the travel fishing bug now!

  2. Cheers Steve! Yeah you are right i am already looking at fishing packages to the Florida Keys lol!

  3. Nice report Daniel and great pics, shame your camera broke. Looks like Mexico was a fantastic big game fishing experience. I tried the Florida keys a few times but its so expensive and i certainly did not get such good results as you ! Well done.

    Ps always look forward to you reports with interest, but please could you give some more detailed information on technique on plastics etc.Thanks.