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Aug/September Fishing!

Sorry i am being so slack with updating this but trying to get it back on track! Just going to do this as simple as possible show the pictures of the Fish and then little bit of information!

Well as i have forgotton dates and fish i have caught and it the order i caught them! Just gonna post all the stuff i can remember! :) 

Well i had a trip out on Tony Heart's boat (Anna 2) and it was a fantastic day with great company!
My self with a new P.B Thornback Ray of 16lb 8oz :)


Nice Tope

1 of 2 Bullhuss i had :)

Nick Troy with 7lb+ Thornback Ray

His first Sunfish caught in the mouth on feathers!! 

Now lets get down to the Shore Fishing!

We Went to Alderney! 

My self and Rob Dingle booked on day trip to Alderney we was very exited! Me more so as i have never been, so on the Ferry we go i think i was still drunk from night before and took this time to catch up on sleep! So we was there straight down the Breakwater, i was thinking how am i gonna catch all these Tope in this short space of time?? haha so changed tactics and put out some worm after around 8 Wrasse and Pollock we was gonna move to different location. Walking by the Harbor Dicky Smith drove by and spotted us. That was lucky i thought he told us to jump in take us round island. He took us down one his spots i took a lure rod and caught :)

Rob and Dicky fishing away, rob managed a few nice Garfish on the Float!
Ended up with around 18 Wrasse (10 on Sps) and couple of Pollock and Gars still a great day!

Me on Douglas pier waiting for Ferry

The Welsh Boys!

So met up with a few lads over from Wales and they where a great bunch of lads! Was great fishing with them and did put a few sessions in with them! Firstly i met them for a bit of Wrassing which wasn't great due to the Weather more than anything! so we dug some worms and hit some Mullet! I managed the first of the Day 1lb 11oz GG

After seeing the Boys pull in Plaice & Flounder it was time for them to get the Mullet!

They loved this type of fishing and had many more fish please check out Ross Johnson Blog he has a full report on fishing in Jersey! 

Ross waiting for those fish to Bite!

Myself with a couple of Black Bream which fed the boys for thier BBQ! 

Sam with Bass on the Savage which he tried very hard for and managed it in the end! :)

Yeah as i said please check out  for full report!
Meeting Ross again in November for some more fishing :)

All week fishing competition i took no photos i am afraid, but it was a good week! Booked the week off work and fished day & night! Here is the Results of it anyway:

75 Anglers entered
My self & Rob Dingle won the two man team (Dingle Dangle)
My self, Rob Dingle, Neil Dingle, Steve Denning won the Four man team (Hook Line & 2 Sinkers)

I managed to get 6 fish on the Board which where:
1.9.4 Golden Grey Mullet
4.8.4 Ballan Wrasse

1.14.6 Golden Grey Mullet
1.15.10 Golden Grey Mullet
2.2.10 Golden Grey Mullet
2.4.14 Golden Grey Mullet

(Gotta be Done show of my Bling heehhee) 

Because of the high percentage fish i managed the Senior Points Trophy with 431 Points :)

runner up was Robert Dingle with 351points and 5 fish. 3rd was Steve Mullins with 308 points for 6 fish.
The Best Angler went to Steve Mullins for fish in 4 categories on the Leaderboard at the end of the competition
Here is a Picture of Steve Denning with the Winning Conger: 28lb 


Well not done much lure fishing at all really, but decided on Friday 7th September i would try get some wrasse after work and i managed 8 and a friend managed 5 on the SPs nothing over 3lb really but was still good fun  So i ventured back out on the Sunday in search of some slightly bigger ones and did manage around 10 this time up to 4lb! This has got me back into lure fishing a little more and hopefully i will target some Bass on the Lures over the next couple of weeks 

This is the one that went 4lb bang on it took a Bass Assassin Soft Plastic on 10 Gram Jig Head 

This is the one that went 4lb bang on it took a Bass Assassin Soft Plastic on 10 Gram Jig Head 
 Also took Scott Batchelor out for the first time using Soft Plastics for Wrasse we managed a couple and he had the biggest one of the Session which went 4lb! 


So as for the Bass So as i said in previous report i was gonna try for a Bass and the first time trying in like a few months a managed a couple of Bass 

After a few hits i missed and splashes on surface for my lure as reeling out water, i knew some fish was there! It was my 2nd cast and i got this chappy here didn't weigh him might have gone 2lb not sure really oh well  

Anyway so after a self timer image my 42 gram savage was back in water! couple casts later booom! this fish felt better after good scrap and no net i timed it with the swell and got it on the rocks, this on weighed 4lb 3oz 

So same again few pictures of this one and then back in water few more casts Boom! OH bloody hell this one feels alright great fight came to surface oh looks a fair bit bigger than my last one (6lbish), thinking to my self this is going to be harder to land was trying to time it again with the swell and it shook his head and off he swam . carried on for 10 more mins and then put my Bait Rods out after Ray & Conger and didnt get another bite for the rest of the time i was there haha! might try again on Sunday for a bigger one!


Well popped out after work for 2 hours down a lucky spot of mine, defo thought there would be Bass there and was telling my mate i was going to get one first cast! got down there savage gear at the ready reminded my mate that i would get one 1st cast! and what do you know BOOM! after good little scrap he netted the Bass for weighed 3lb 14oz took the 42gram White Savage Gear again  carried on fishing there a bit with nothing else moved around the corner had makerel and couple Wrasse and had few follows from Bass and had one on and came off again only small one like 2lb. So hoping these big tides this weekend will produce a bigger one  

Thanks For Reading you will see another Post sometime soon :) (if i have forgotten anything out i will just add to it at later time! ) 

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