Monday, September 5, 2011

A Week in Zante & the All week fishing competition!

So my flight out of Jersey To Gatwick was at 4pm ! Had not packed or nothing. But i could not turn down kayak fishing for Mullet in the morning! Was worth it as Ritchie pulled this 6lb Thin Lipped out :)

Then i partied it up with 13 mates for a week in Zante. Still couldn't  resist buying a snorkel and hiring a boat! saw Flatfish , Tuna , White Bream the list goes on! :)! trying to catch them with my bare hands was proving quite tricky lol! 

Then i returned from this messy week to Robert Dingle picking me up form airport, straight home jumped into  the van and off i went to catch some fish! started off a bit rusty think i went for a mullet straight away failing to catch i had a good night sleep and then went for it hard! I found the week very difficult not to catch fish but to get a big enough one to weigh in! ....had 9 Golden Grey Mullet up to 1-8-10 ....around 20 Bass not including the little ones!! The Biggest one was only  4lb 4oz on a large blood head sidewinder! then another of 4lb on a beach fishing for mullet!...had common eel's up to 1lb 12oz....Red Mullet 11oz! ...lots of mackerel one of which being my only weigh-able fish bang on 1-0-0 got our team points up a bit! had another mackerel which didn't quite weigh in at 15oz 3/4 ! Had a few Wrasse biggest around 3lb mark! Plenty more i cant remember i am sure!

I was too focused on the fishing to be taking pictures! But now the comp is over i will get fishing and get the camera out :) Thanks for reading!!!

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