Monday, September 12, 2011

Few Bass over the Weekend!

Hello there, I had 1 hour free on Friday after work, by the time i got down mark i only had 30 mins fishing. But i did manage this one on the savage gear sand-eel.

Then had a lovely lie in on Saturday morning due to the fact of my hangover from the night before. Met up with Lee (Illusive_Jersey) i have never fished with him before & the mission was to catch some Bass on the Lures! So we started to fish around 1pm. Getting wet in the rain we carried on moving round different heads. Then i landed a Pollack, started getting a few touches.
Then a Bass hit Lee's Hard Plastic Got it in the net. Weighing 2lb 8oz a good sign. Now i am sure we were both thinking we was going to be pulling them out....

I lost one straight after felt like a good one too! :( we carried on & as the tide started to flood i thought we would see some more, moved to a different head and Boom another Pollack...Then a mackerel on a big savage gear god knows why he went for it. my lure was the same size as the Mackerel lol.

Then Finally i hit into a Bass. 

Then Lee chucked his soft plastic in a Gully & he managed his first Soft Plastic caught Wrasse! :)

Yesterday i got the fork dug some worm
Then i even managed my First shore caught Plaice weighing 1lb 4oz  on the Lug worm, funny enough i was trying for Red Mullet / Flatfish! Good too see they are around.

Now it is in the Fridge lol!
I also enjoyed drinking this Apple Juice!


  1. That fish in the first photo is so big. Incredible! How did you catch it using just a rod? Those fishes are probably very heavy. Fishing is not easy yet you make it look otherwise. Congratulations! =)

  2. Thank you :) yes just use rods and reels! some are pretty heavy. And its not always easy i put alot of time in.