Thursday, September 15, 2011

8 Species Last Night!

Well met up with Rob Dingle last night, He was kind enough to dig worms during the day time for the both of us! Met him down the Mark and straight away into Bream & Wrasse:
Then we Carried on Rob managed one of the Target Species only small but still a sign we were in the right place! 

Carried on Dogfish more Wrasse & bream came to the rods! Just waiting for the night to come! So we could catch some Sole and more Red Mullet!  Then just before the light dropped Rob Managed what i did on Sunday a Plaice! 

So far so good! Darkness now came The Pouting started to bite! :(

Only thing these fish are good at is floating on the surface when you return them lol!

Then i had this beast of a Starry Smooth Hound! they still put up a little scrap for there size...probs just came out of its mother!

Rob Dingle had another Red Mullet Slightly Bigger than First one lol!

Then Lobsters came to our Worm Baits!

This one i had was lucky just nipped in one of the legs! :D 

Was going to fish tonight! But changed my mind and going to catch some waves with Ritchie Campion instead :) Maybe have a little lure fish after! 

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  1. Wow! You caught a lobster! Cooked lobster meat is delicious. That's why lobsters are one of my favorite crustacean dishes.