Friday, November 25, 2011

Bass Assassin Lures

Looking back through all of my lure caught Wrasse photos from this year and most have them have fell to the Bass Assassin Lures! They work like magic...its simple cast them in using a 7gram -10 gram Jig-heads. Let them hit the bottom and then slow retrieve with the odd twitch of the rod! They swim brilliantly! Here is a few shots of them in Action!

This was early on in the year the Wrasse was loving them!

The smaller Wrasse hit them just as hard!

Myself & Friends has all had Pollack on them 

A Few Bass have fell to these Lures!

A lovely 4lb+ Green Ballan Wrasse

                             I have used 3 different Color Bass Assassins they all work wonders 

If your interested in these Soft Plastics you can purchase a packet here! You wont know how good they are until you try them! :)


  1. Hello Daniel,

    I have found your excellent blog looking for info and photos about fishing in Jersey. I am an ex South African living in Switzerland and we are planning to move to Jersey in the near future. I am a total fishing nut, and new to techniques fishing in UK waters. I have however read and collected so much info already.
    Thank you for your brilliant blog and photos and in some cases info on the lures and techniques you are using.
    Please keep it up, it is all much, much appreciated.

    Good luck and tight lines,

  2. Hello Etienne,

    Well if you ever come to Jersey contact me and i will be more than happy to take you out fishing :)


  3. Thank you so much! :-)