Thursday, December 15, 2011

Its Windy And Cold!

Right so i have been fishing a grand total of 3 times in the last few weeks mainly just couple hours over the weekends around 10 hours in Total. Just been trying to get a Big Wrasse out the way now so i can concentrate on other species next year :) 

Went out with Rob Dingle and we had a good session We had 1 Red Mullet each under 1lb & he had 3 Bass 2lb-3lb. I had a Small Eyed Ray of 4lb 8oz and Pouting up to 1lb 11oz I had no camera with me on that Session & returned my Ray. Just the one Picture of the Bass and Red Mullet when we got up to the Car:

I would also like to mention he has a 1lb 13oz Red Mullet he caught in a session by him self great fish :)

So went out with Alex Plaster on Sat the 3rd December and i got 2 Wrasse over 3lb the biggest going 3lb 9oz and Alex had 1x Wrasse is the Picture caught it on the plugging rod but using Rag worm for bait:

 It was force 7 Winds so was very Difficult lol

So this Weekend came along 10th December and i wanted a bigger one a little gap in the weather made it a bit easier for me to have more choice in where to fish! So had a plan and met up with Alex Plaster & off we went with a bucket of Crabs and the Lure rods!

About 15-20 mins into the fishing i was in! Felt like a decent one on the Bait rod and whole Green Crab 3lb 15oz this one went:

Then moved to some close by rocks and they kept on coming had 4 in total on the Crab

Right so we only had a hour left of light & i wanted to get one on the Bass Assassin Soft Plastic 

So by now i am on 4 Wrasse on Crab and 5 on Soft Plastics, Alex still was not getting the luck we moved to a Gully we had not touched yet to try and get him his first SP Caught Wrasse so i stopped fishing and after he had around 5 casts i was confused to why he had not had one, i said "lets have 1 quick go" and i had one cast on the rod he was using. I am afraid to say i pulled one out straight away hehe :)

So Results where:
Daniel Ferguson 10x Wrasse
Alex Plaster 0x Wrasse

He did woop my arse in the Congering and beat me x3 Congers to 0 so he deserved it ;) 
Popped out on the Sunday in very hash conditions for couple hours and i managed one of around 2lbs and Alex failed to catch again. There is always this weekend! 

Thanks for Reading :) 

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