Monday, November 21, 2011

They are coming in!!

Few Wrasse from Last Weekend during Competition 4lb + Wrasse Caught using Hardback Crab!

Ritchie with a nice Green Wrasse!

Our Fishing Club won by miles this year and a few good fish was weighed in too including Double figure Bass

........Right so Friday night i Planned to catch some Congers with Alex
Plaster with swell and wind i picked somewhere nice and sheltered and that i knew there was some Congers to be had from there!
Straight to the Point he showed me right up ! He had x3 Congers ! I Had

This was the Biggest of the night going 13lb 6oz p.s. he thought it was bigger though lol ;) 

Right so packed up by 1am

Saturday ...right spent alot of this day doing nothing just thinking and talking about fishing instead of actually doing it ! But we popped out for 30 mins for some Wrasse and here is what we got!
All caught on Bass Assassins 

8 Wrasse Between us in 30mins in the end. 

We even had some Double Hook ups!

So Sunday came along Met up for some Breky With Ritchie & Co ....then we went down some Rocks in search of some Wrasse but he had 0 Wrasse... but i had 6 ;) 

Right so moved to a different spot in search of some Bigger ones ,as the last spot failed to get one over 2lb! 

And straight away we was into some of the decent fish we were looking for!

This one really put up a fight! caught using 10gram Jig-head and a Bass Assassin!
You can Purchase a Packet of these lures here
They will not let you down!
And here is the biggest fish of the day caught by myself! Had no Scales with us But we both thought it would weigh just shy off 5lb.. very heavy fish!

So all in all Sunday was a very good day too...i have to write this i am afraid Ritchie

Saturday Results 
                                                        Daniel Ferguson  4x Wrasse (SPs)
Ritchie Campion 1x Wrasse (SPs)
Ben Bates 3x Wrasse (SPs)

Sunday Results
Daniel Ferguson 18x Wrasse (SPs)
Ritchie Campion 3x Wrasse (SPs)

Thanks for reading people :)

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