Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dont like the Dark!!

Okay long time no its getting dark by 5pm...cold and windy & it really is depressing!

But the fishing must continue no matter what the circumstances. 

Right to start things off i did a bit of what people call LRF fishing for pretty much the first time (As i prefer to fish for the fish, not the fight of the fish so much) and it is very easy even small fish bite the lures so catch everything. Few pictures of Pollack & Scad on the LRF 

Right so now we got some Conger bait we were ready for the proper fish!!

and here is the results! Ben Bates with a Conger over 20lb ! 

Ritchie Campion with a conger over 15lbs

I managed my P.B Dogfish this night of 2lb 6oz took the conger gear! 

Right as for other fishing the Wrassing on the Soft Plastics is still happening here are few fish i have had recently: 

And getting the bigger ones too this one around the 4lb mark didn't weigh it just a little guess:

Ben Bates with lure caught Pollack & Wrasse on Sps 

And here few other species i had recently:

Quite rare to get them this size in Jersey Whiting 14oz:


Of Course the Pouting had plenty of these biggest still 1lb 2oz though

Ritchie had couple Black Bream Friday night! He sad as they were getting in the way of our red mullet and sole!

We do dress correctly for the occasion 

Ritchie with a Red Snapper! aka Bloody Red Wrasse!!

Thats about it for now ! Inter Club Competition This Weekend us Luck !!! :D

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