Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2012 Starts

Just been chilling really over the Christmas Period a few beers where involved! Only been fishing a couple of times and had quite a bit of luck! Here is a Wrasse around 3lb Mark

As for the lure fishing, i have done 30 minutes of it in over 1 month. Just trying to get away from that side of fishing for a while. As the bait is being more productive at the moment! and its fun targeting different species.

This is a shot from couple weeks ago conditions looked perfect for a Bass just no fish there! This is new reel i am using for plugging/sp's £25 reel does the job just fine :)

The weather has not been nice at all over the last few weeks not even one nice day!
So i ventured out on the 27th  of December to target a Ray, i didn't manage one my self but saw a couple landed in this session by fellow anglers here is Lee Jarvis Father in Law with a 5lb Small Eye.

Nice to see come up! So now i figured there was some Rays to be caught! so i stayed a little longer with Scott Ballard and he managed to pull this lovely fish in:

Undulate Ray 9lb 3oz

I caught a few Dogfish, Pollack, Rockling this night but not a ray for myself :(

I had to go back for more! So on the 29th myself & Ritchie tried for the Rays...he stayed for around an hour but got cold and bored so he went home! The lazy git ;) So i stayed on by my self 3 hours went by....13 dogfish to my name & a couple of small Pollack, but finally i landed a tiny Small Eye Ray around the 2lb mark!

So target Species completed! Another rod was getting a bite i struck into what i thought was a Conger...well it was 25lb (Guessing)! After battling with it for 10mins on my light 2-4oz rod on the Ray gear, using just a strip of squid i had a few problems force 8 winds and no Gaff on me & no friend to help.... Eel was on surface i was trying to tell a Polish Gentleman Squid fishing near me to grab the gaff out of my van but he speak or understand no English (well that's what he said) so after me walking it nearly round to some near by steps i put too much pressure on it and snap! I new it was gonna happen right from when i saw it so wasn't too bothered!

So baits went back out got myself a bit more organised if a big fish were to turn up again. Literally within 10 minutes my rod had a decent bite! Alot easier landing this one as drop net was ready and in it came. A lovely Small Eye my new P.B of 9lb 1oz caught on Squid.

No Glory shot i am Afraid :( As my Polish friend left soon after i lost Conger. Because when his squid jigs hit the water the wind was soo strong it was picking up his line and forcing his jigs back out the water lol!

So was a good session went home with smile on my face :)

Had my first session of the year on the 2nd for couple hours got x3 Dogfish so it was a start

Then went again last night had countless amount of Dogfish 13+, and a nice Pollack going 2lb 8oz Not bad for force 10 Winds lol :) mate Adrian managed Dogfish, Pouting, Rockling also.

Well that's about it for now many thank for reading :) Shall post another one soon !


  1. Good post mate ..happy new year and tight lines for 2012

  2. Your a brave man Dan, well deserved pb mate.

  3. Cheers Boys! Hopefully get my self a Conger soon :)