Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Conger of 2012!

So i ventured out on Saturday on my own for 1 hour down a spot in search of a Wrasse on a Soft Plastic, The ground looked great boulders, gully's, tiny bit of swell it was perfect :) so got a couple of bites failed to hook then i hooked into my first one of the year! Not a big one, but its great that i got one this early on in the year on a lure. Last year it wasn't till 23rd March i got my first one on lure. 2012 is going to be a good fishing year i think!

So i met up with Alex Plaster and we had a Conger trip planned, spent 15 mins deciding on where to go and we made our mind up. A new spot we both have never tried for Eels before. 
So after the absolute trek getting down to this Mark it looked good, so out went the rods with whole Cuttle fish on. I love Conger fishing just sit back and wait! I missed a screaming run which took a whole dirty squid really took some line. Might have been Pollack or Bass (missed it so doesn't really matter lol)  
Bought a new Rod and Reel of Mr Fish on the Saturday wasn't long before i christened it on this Conger!

Only 13lb but still a Double figure fish from the shore in January so i aint complaining!

Went out last night 10/01/12 tried for the Red Mullet and Ray but they didn't turn up just a Dogfish for me &  Dogfish & 3 Pollack for Rob Dingle. Might be going again this week so will let you know how i get on :) 

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