Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Fishing in the Rain - June is a Good Month!

So much to catch up on again! will keep it plain and simple & show you some fish :)
Golden Grey Mullet first of the year 1lb 15oz :) had a couple this session.
Alex Plaster has been showing me how its done when it comes to catching the Smooth Hounds! or just a jammy git ;) 

9lb 12oz Starry Smooth Hound
11lb 8oz Starry! His first Double figure (Probably First of Many) 
He had 6 Smooth Hounds in 2 sessions and i failed to hook any of the bites i got! 

I have been getting them too though ;) This one below was my first of the year. 

I have had a couple which was bigger! but still not the double figure i was hoping for! i still have time though

The only way i was going to catch some is if i didn't go with Alex ;) haha So this is a session i caught some on my own! 

6lb + Starry

This was the Biggest
6lb 12oz Starry

We have put in  a few different sessions and do seem to be getting at least one good fish every time! Here is Alex with a nice Small Eye ray of 9lb 8oz. He nearly lost both his rods and reels shortly after this luckily we managed to retrieve them back out of the water haha!

Then i had my 2nd ever Bullhuss from the shore! Only a Baby but still beats a Dogfish :) 

This Bass took a Squid bait other night only a few pound. :)

  Saturday 23rd, what a day for fishing! Tried for a Mullet to start of my day and on my first cast i had this nice Wrasse of 4lb 10oz didn't half put up a scrap on my Mullet Rod!  Shows you they can turn up anywhere you just have gotta be Fishing 

   This is a funny Story dont know if it has happened to many people before! Alex's rod was getting a bite! (been getting few bream bites so was thinking it was one of them! 
He strikes any way! Defo not a Bream, Big Ray he was shouting (GET THE NET) after a good scrap with it i scooped it up in the net! Weighed it 12lb 8oz and Alex went down to rocks to return it!

 .....20 mins goes by my rod gets a bite! So pick my rod up, fish pulled i strike! Fish on, defo a Ray what do you know its the same bloody fish Alex just caught lol! What a tropper of a Ray! but still counts as my P.B  Undualte so i am happy haha :)

Darkness soon came and my rods where still out hoping for a Smoothy really. Alex put one out for a Conger. After a few Dogfish, my rod looked like it got a bit better bite! Striked into a conger! I hate this on 40lb Line! anyway i got it all the way in was on surface for a good 5 mins. trying to get it in a landing net proved quiet difficult and snap! I guess around 15-20lb.
Alex the Jammy Fisherman caught 2 though ( even if he was just reeling in to check his bait and the congers where already on lol) , with amazing netting skills i got them both in the net lol!

This was the biggest of the 2 ..at 17lb +

I have recently had a few of these too (this was actually the smallest one but none where over 1lb 9oz so not even worth a photo) & my camera does not like the rain haha!

Yet another GG Mullet i had over the Weekend too. Had a bigger Thick Lipped Mullet too 3lb 1oz picture to come!                                                                                                                                        

As there are lots of fish out there at the moment. I will carry on searching for them! Cheers for Reading :) 


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    kind regards Rodzar Bendding

  2. Awesome and very informative blog! Keep it up and more power to you!