Friday, January 31, 2014

Into the New Year - 2014!!

December Mullet Poaching & finding new marks :) 

Myself and a few boys went hunting for those fishing spots which we think would be untouched around Jersey Coast Line! we found a couple of spots and cant wait for the sun to start shining to have a go with a rod there! We spent alot of time pegging up these spots and working out how its even possible to get to the bottom of some ( without being stupid ) always have a hand on a rope and always make sure you are with someone are a few pictures.

As for the Mullet!! 

I should not be posting this up as the location we was fishing, is not really allowed. For legal reasons i am informing everyone that i have photo shopped the background to make it look like we are in the Marina ;) 

Myself & Alex Plaster was in desperate need of a proper fishing session! He was back over from university just for the Christmas period and we fitted in quite alot of messing around but no proper fishing! So we got the bait rods out and hit the rocks!! on my first cast of the year i was into a small conger! 

They was not growing in size but still good to see :) 

The Conger got bigger as the night went on this was the biggest! I only had 4 Casts & 3 Congers, so far thats pretty good going as its the only shore fishing session i have done this year so far! 
Unfortunately Alex did loose one Conger on the surface. Other than that he was useless ;) 

Tony Heart Skipper of Anna 2 Fishing Trips gave me a text and asked if i fancied getting out for some wreck fishing....i can never turn down such a trip! I fished along side 6 Anglers, there was a bumpy swell at first and after only having like 3/4 hours of sleep the night before down to the fact i was partying! I wasn't enjoying the 20 mile steam out to sea too much lol! But i soon woke up and i managed the first fish of the day which was a Whiting of 1lb 12oz. We steamed out to a Wreck of which we had a few drifts and didn't get into any fish. Then my step dad Ged was into one.....i scooped it up in the net for him and it was a nice one weighing 15lb! :) Sadly we all tried very hard but no one else could manage was one of those days where the sea felt empty.  

As i aint been fishing much, i have asked my friend Sam Daniels if i could post a few of his pictures. He has had a few decent fish so far this year which includes Wrasse over 3lb, Sole & Congers :) 

So this just shows you that there is still fish feeding! Its having
 the motivation to get out there and brave the weather! I have been
 focusing on staying warm and getting fit....not that you fishy people
want to know but i am down 4kg in weight & feel so much better!! 

Thanks for Reading my Blog! I am going to continue to slack with the fishing for a while, but doesnt mean you lot shouldnt! I hear there is a few Undulate Rays around near 16lb i get out there and catch some :) Cheers for now & Tight Lines 

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