Friday, December 6, 2013

November Report :D


November is always a great month to fish, this year was very hard work compared to recent years though. The Congers have not really been feeding inshore, the weather has not been kind to us either but still i worked my socks off trying!!

I attempted catch  a Golden Grey Mullet down our local harbor (failed at that) found a few Garfish & Mackerel on the float was good fun on the 13ft Match Rod! 1lb 2oz was my biggest Garfish & Gareth Mcmonagle also had one of 1lb 2oz...the best one went to Adrian Le Hueze at 1lb 3oz

Ben Bates with a nice Pouting (he demanded the photo lol)

November is always a good month in Jersey for targeting Red Mullet & Sole, this year however they have not really came on the feed! After many sessions trying for a Red Mullet i did manage just the one weighing 1lb 8oz (First Cast) 

Other Anglers in Jersey managed to find some specimen Red Mullet & i believe they had them up to 2lb 12oz. After this very short session i changed location and changed over to using my lure rod, guess which cast i caught a fish on??? 

No more fish was caught on this little Adventure i stayed fishing for another 30 mins. 

As for Ray fishing i cant seem to find any more Small Eyed Rays or Blonde Rays, but i managed to find my Personal Best Undulate Ray! It was a Monday night & the tides was not really in my favor, i was thinking all day of where to try.....I started headed up North to find out it was too rough for what i wanted to do! Wasn't too keen for my Plan B as it is a bit of a hike, but thought i could do with the exercise. I have been quiet jammy with my "first cast" recently but the Launce Sand-eel did the job again!  

15lb 9oz

Now i was chuffed to bits after taking these self timed shots i released her to fight another day :)

It was now around 10pm and i wanted a different species, A BASS so out came the lure rod for a while. Didn't take me long before i landed two Bass on a Delalande Weedless Shad

Now i can go home and sleep a happy boy :)

 Now it was Conger time, sticked one rod out with whole Cuttle Fish & the other with fresh Pouting head! I was playing around with my scratching rod catching quiet a few Shore Rockling / Pouting, i got a run on my Eel rod Strike Fish on! Ohhh this is small :( saw it on surface and thought id test my rod out so i winched it up the rocks!  

Here are some of the Shore Rockling i have had during November all pretty small though 10oz biggest!

10oz Shore Rockling
Now i have been trying to get my self a big Pollock also they have been mostly around the 2lb mark though with a couple over 3lb too!

During our a competition i had a few Wrasse one morning too but nothing over 3lb really this one took Limpet on a Jig Head :) 

Myself & Sam Daniels had a lovely romantic evening on the rocks as well & just few Pollock and a pathetic Conger ....and of course the usual Dogfish, Pouting & Rockling to show for it....good sausages though ;)

Rock Hiking Boots :)

On my last fishing day of November & i managed a Flounder weighing 1lb 3oz :) i have blanked on previous 3 sessions for them so was good to see :)

Thanks for Reading, i am currently having a bit of a rest from Fishing. I am sure i will sneak a few trips in though! Tight Lines!

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