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January - July Catch Up!

Thought I would try and get all up to date on here with what I have been catching, to be honest I haven't been doing too much fishing compared to other years moving into a  new flat saving up and other things have got in the way a little. But I have tried to pick my tides and time that with the weather conditions to give my self the best chances of catching when I am getting out fishing. 

I always sneak in a session with Tony Heart on Anna 2. We went out targeting Flatfish on some deep sand banks, we had a few surprises along the way here is myself with my personal best Garfish weighing 1lb 14oz Garfish, I did catch it on Feathers but I aint complaining.  

I caught our Garfish action on the Gopro! We had around 15 gars over 1lb in like 5 minutes! "Garfish Galore" Check it out! 

After this superb action we managed to nail a good few flatfish :) 

I managed a Brill, but I wasn't lucky enough to catch a whiting myself but a few was caught. 

I am going to stick on the subject of Boat fishing for now as makes sense to me on the 6th of April Mark Andre invited me out on his boat for a spot of wreck fishing. We managed loads of Pollock and a Ling, as well as my first Black Bream of the year and a few other bits and bobs all in all was lovely weather and a great day out :)

 2lb 8oz Black Bream 

Savage Gear Sandeel did the business for most fish caught! 

We started catching Bass on lures pretty early in the season 

The 24th of March is when I managed to hook into my first one of the year! 3lb 4oz (53cm) White Pearl 42g Savage Gear Sandeel 

Lee Jarvis came with me to one of my high water Bass marks where he showed me how its done with this cracking Bass!

My first surface lure caught Bass for the year only a small one but good fun to watch them come out and strike on the surface! The lure was a very small popper I got from Bass Pro Shops in Florida so unsure of its name but it worked a treat :) 

A few schoolies I caught one morning before work 

St Helier Harbor producing the early morning bass on Hard Lures! Ended up with 6 Bass all caught in about an hour
 New Spot produces the Bass for Adrian, we also managed quite a few wrasse nothing that big though. 

The Harbor on this occasion produced the goods on a Homemade Soft Plastic Lure.

Sneaked out of a late night lure bash! Boom lure bouncing jig heads around when its pitch black :) 

Another one from the harbor always Bass around the Harbor :) 

I had my little brother for a day as took him on his school walk, then we decided to have a fish! We fished the flooding tide in the Harbor, I managed a small Bass then on the next cast I let my brother reel in what is his First Bass :) 

He also produced the goods during a Sinkers Junior Competition where he managed to win with the 2lb Ballan Wrasse! 

On the subject of Wrasse I have managed a few mainly early on in the season when I was putting a little bit more time on it (Mainly focusing on soft plastics)
This one below is the biggest so far only weighing 4.8lbs though. Fished weedless style 12g cone head and weedless hooks with a 4" Blue paddle tail. Cant beat Bass Assassin Lures now on Sale in my Tackle Heaven eBay store check out by clicking the link above. I also have listed Lunker City Shakers which is another popular choice for me to use!!

Here is a few more :) 

First wrasse of the year on Sam Chapon's LRF gear!

Now this is by far the Fattest Wrasse I have ever caught for its size!

Ray fishing has been hard work I have put many ray baits out over the course of the year with little reward compared to previous years. Luckily I managed 1 good session down St Caths Breakwater producing a 

14lb 0oz Undulate Ray first Ray of the year on my first cast that evening. Fish took Garfish Fillet on a Pully Rig

12lb 8oz Undulate Ray I also lost a small one on the surface in the same session, so it was a good one :)

Caught on Sakuma Hooks! 


Right so because I have a slight addiction for my mullet I have been on them quite alot managing good results on nearly every trip. I am not going to go into detail because there is no need! Mainly caught float fishing bread flake around 12ft deep, with constant bread and water ground bait going in handful every 10 mins. Had a few whilst ledgering from the bottom also so just including all the pictures together :) 

Lee Jarvis with a Thick Lipped well over 4lb 

That's a better one 5lb 4oz!

One for the Tackle Heaven Species Competition

Long and skinny! Thought it would have gone 5lb but it was not to be.

Here she is my new Personal Best Mullet weighing 5lb 11oz (New Personal Best) I will get a 6lber before the year's end! Confidence is key!

I have found these have come in handy for the Mullet Ledgers! Check these out - Fladen Swivel Float Adapters 

This is probally the most skill I have used to find a Spurdog from the shore in jersey! I dont think one has been caught since 1980s. Somehow I worked out exactly where they was going to show up on this day where I had my first ever Spurdog weighing 3lb 8oz (4th May)

God knows how I manged this one still made up to bits for catching it over here! But apparently I have more Jam than Hartleys :D

I have a fair amount of Go Pro footage for you guys soon, I will spend sometime when I am on holiday soon to get a couple of video's made. :) Here is a early season Bream I caught 1lb 8oz.

I have not done any Eel fishing at all yet this year well apart form a couple of casts hoping to get lucky. But me and Alex both put a rod out on this night and he had the only bite of the night!

A few more randoms to add to the collection

Boat caught Pollock - Weedless - During a Sinkers boat species hunt competition (St Aubins Bay)
Nice sunset - Nice Garfish 15oz - This was my first one of the year :) 

Adrian with a Bass on the Homemade Plastics AGAIN
What a BRILLiant day that was aboard Tony Hearts - Anna 2
Oh just set back relax and use a YANN to catch a Bass none of that Plastic rubbish!
What a load of Pollocks!!
Eh why the Feck am I carp fishing????? Oh I am in France too - 4 hours fishing BLANKAGE

This is a Bull Huss - The biggest Bullhuss I have caught from the Shore in Jersey ever!!! lol 5lb 2oz

Bit more Go Pro footage of a session where I had a few wrasse!

My first LRF caught mullet still ledgering bread but using a very light 0.5-7g rod!! 

First Beach caught Mullet of the year weighing 3lb 10oz caught on Ledgered Bread Flake - GoPro footage on this too!

1 of 6 Mackerel I caught down St Catherine's last week

Here is one of a couple of Golden Grey Mullet I caught down the Harbor a couple of weeks ago! 1lb 14oz was the biggest caught on a Lugworm.

I also saw this beast get caught!!! 9lb 14oz Bass caught on a Strip of Squid near the start of the Breakwater!!! 

Be there or be square!!! Prizes up for grabs & a trophy or two! All funds to the Sinkers Sea Fishing Club - This will help towards paying for our Junior 

If you are after some decent Jig Heads at a good price be sure to check out this link - Flashmer Jig Heads 10 x 3g,5g,7g,9g,14g,21g,28g,36g

Last day of work is the 17/07/15 then I am off to Marbella in Spain for just over 2 weeks! Bring the Spinning Rod & a Mullet Rod so lets hope I can find something over there :) 

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