Friday, February 27, 2015

Digging Rock Worm /Verm Jersey Channel Islands

Hi there I am going to start updating my blog regularly from now on with nearly everything I get up to. Last Sunday 22/02/2015 we had some spring tides 39ft+ over the high water. But on these tides the tide also drops away ALOT! Which enables people in Jersey to go low water fishing exploring new grounds which maybe no one has ever walked on before! Finding Ormers are very popular in Jersey as well as finding Lobsters. But us Anglers prefer to go down for something else.....Rockworm well this is what the Jersey boys call them, the Guernsey boys call them Verm! 

These worms are so tough and very big compared to other worms we get in the Channel Islands.
Here is a picture of a very large Rockworm Tim Morley dug up! This just shows you how big these things can get....I think I am going to need a bigger hook lol!

Anyway on Sunday afternoon I set out to get myself some Rock Worm. I made a video to show people how to dig them. Any questions on it just leave a message in the comments box below.

Besides digging worm I have only done a little bit of fishing twice down St Catherine's in the last couple of weeks (Just Dogfish, Pouting & Rockling to show for it)  also a quick 30 minute lure session down St Helier Harbor for Pollock. I made a little video on that too so please check that out.

Thanks for reading :) !

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